THE NIGHT SHIFT: Eoin Macken Talks Portraying a Doctor Willing to Do Anything to Save His Patients (2014)

"The Night Shift"

“The Night Shift”

At every hospital across the country, there is a world that most never see — the world of the night shift. After hours, every kind of medical emergency crosses the threshold all hopeful that the doctors can save one more life or ease a person’s medical agonies. But just what kind of person willingly wants to work the night shift? In NBC’s new drama series, it explores the personalities, psyche and passions of a group of people who embrace the craziness of what goes on after-hours in a hospital emergency room. Best of all, not all emergencies can come to them and they have to get out and put their trauma skills to use in the field. In the world of THE NIGHT SHIFT, anything goes. To save a life, rules are thrown out and financial budgets are concerns for those who do not understand that playing god and saving lives requires a dedication that only few know how to provide.

Leading THE NIGHT SHIFT crew at San Antonio Memorial Hospital is T.C. Callahan (Eoin Macken). In an exclusive interview from the set, star Eoin Macken previewed what he loves about portraying a character so flawed, damaged and yet driven to save lives. T.C. is in his heart a man of churning passions. He loves, he risks, and he lives with the consequences of decisions that no one should have to make. But for Eoin it is a fun role to play. He loves that T.C. is so flawed and willing to take such crazy risks. T.C.’s “devil may care” attitude makes him a renegade cowboy in the E.R., but it hides a river of raging darkness inside him from his days serving as a military trauma surgeon in the field. Whether driven by guilt, fear, insecurity or over-confidence, T.C. makes it his mission to save every life he can. But in the process, T.C. has forgotten to save himself.

Eoin describes T.C. as a leader who is passionate and hell-bent on helping people. In the hospital, his peers and co-workers flock to him like “moths to the flame,” perhaps hoping some of that passion will carry over into their work. But like all flames, T.C. has a tendency to burn those who get too close. One of those who got too close is his ex-girlfriend, Jordan (Jill Flint), who has unfortunately joined San Antonio Memorial and is T.C.’s new boss. For T.C., having Jordan around has a surprising benefit, she can calm that burning turmoil in his soul. For Jordan, the proximity of working with T.C. is a lot harder, but she admires his incredible medical gifts that helps so many.

While working on the first season, Eoin credited his fun-loving relationship with his castmates as being the source of the incredible energy they all felt working together on THE NIGHT SHIFT.

To hear more of what Eoin had to share about working on THE NIGHT SHIFT and the complexities of portraying such a flawed and damaged character, be sure to check out this exclusive video interview:

THE NIGHT SHIFT premieres Tuesday, May 27th at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. (Editor’s note: Special thanks goes to NBC Universal Television Group which made this interview possible with a sponsored trip to the set of “The Night Shift.”)

"The Night Shift"

“The Night Shift”

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