BANSHEE: An Unforgivable Crime Stirs Up Tensions Between the Kinaho and Amish (2014)



Nothing sparks churning tensions between two cultures faster than the murder of a teen girl.   In last week’s BANSHEE, when Sheriff Hood (Antony Starr) was tapped to actually do his job and solve the murder of a young Kinaho teenager, his investigation took him exactly where he did not want to go – behind the doors of both the Kinaho and Amish communities.  Neither welcomed him with open arms or was willing to provide the vital information needed to track the killer.

Hood’s own efforts led him and his deputies right smack into a bloody Kinaho brawl that left everyone battered and broken.  It also sent Hood right into the waiting arms of Siobhan Kelly (Trieste Kelly Dunn), who was just dying for a chance for some sexual healing herself after her brutal confrontation with her ex-husband in the episode before.  Good thing Hood knows how to be a gentleman and never mentions his numerous sexual liaisons or there may be more than one young lady looking to put his head on a platter.

So where does that leave things in this week’s new episode “Bloodlines”?  Not in a very good spot.  Not only does Hood still have to find the murderer, he has to track down the missing Amish teen boy before everyone else does, assuming he is responsible for the heinous crime.  Complicating matters is the fact that missing boy is Kai Proctor’s  (Ulrich Thomsen) nephew, the brother to Rebecca Bowman (Lili Simmons).  Rebecca and Proctor are determined to prove the boy’s innocence and will do anything to find him to keep him safe.  Calling in the favor that Hood owes him, Proctor and Hood are aligned once again, tenuously, to locate the boy and find the culprit behind the crime.

Also out for blood and determined to get justice for the dead Kinoho girl is Nola Longshadow (Odette Annable).  Somewhere lurking in Nola’s past is a very violent history where she hides from the brutality she suffered as a girl.  But from the determined look on her face, she will not rest ‘til the guilty is found and punished as she sees fit for the crime of killing another young girl.

Passions are brewing and barely contained in the tiny community of BANSHEE.  Even on good days, the Kinaho and Amish can barely tolerate each other; and now with a dead girl and missing boy between them, everything is set to explode.

So as Hood scrambles to find any piece of evidence or information leading to the whereabouts of Rebecca’s brother, the trail leads to an unexpected suspect.  As feisty as Hood is, he forgets that there are simply bigger and more vicious people in the world that he is.  As if last week’s confrontation with Chayton Littlestone (Geno Segers) was not reminder enough, Hood will find himself face to face with another human being that just refuses acknowledge Hood’s power as a representative of the law. Fortunately for Banshee, Hood is not just the sheriff, he is a criminal who will stoop to a criminal level whenever necessary in the pursuit of justice.

Given the number of people engaged in criminal activity and the flagrant disregard for the law in BANSHEE, it is a wonder that most still have a strong moral code that when violated, they will bring down the wrath even more harsh than the justice system could melt out.  So heaven help the criminal that crosses another criminal in BANSHEE – hell on Earth will rain down upon them.

To see whose vengeance is served in this week’s intriguing and brutal episode of BANSHEE, be sure to tune in on Friday night at 9:00 p.m. on Cinemax.  Let justice reign.

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