THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: The Cast Tease the 100th Episode (2014)

"The Vampire Diaries"

“The Vampire Diaries”

Hitting its milestone 100th episode mark, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES has a lot to celebrate, which they did in fine fashion last November at an exclusive party in Atlanta. From the red carpet, the cast offered their candid speculations on who they would like to see revisit Mystic Falls, which character death hit them the hardest and maybe a teaser or two about what is upcoming in their epic 100th episode.

What can you tease about the 100th episode?
JULIE PLEC: I can tease some nostalgia. I can tease a good game-changing twists and turns. I can tease good sexy romance, a surprise hook-up, and some big tears. When you’re growing up and moving on from high school and moving out, the way you feel about certain people changes. Things change. You can make some bad choices; you can make some good choices; you can make some choices that are not in your best interest. We like to explore those relationship dynamics.
PAUL WESLEY: There’s a reunion. There’s a really beautiful reunion. Bring your tissue box.
CANDICE ACCOLA: We’re going to get to the root of everyone’s problem, which is really Katherine. She turned the Salvatore brothers into vampires; she turned Caroline into a vampire. She’s just basically caused all the ruckus in all the characters’ lives. So we’re going to have a nice episode about who this woman is and why everyone hates her so much. Is death too good for her? It might be.
MICHAEL TREVINO: Our 100th episode is going to have a lot of familiar faces from the past, which is nice and people are going to enjoy that. It’s hard to fit everybody in our storyline and have it make sense, but I think the writers accomplished that.
KAT GRAHAM: It’s just a very big episode. A lot of things that the fans have wanted to happen, happen. So it’s going to be a fan-favorite for sure.
STEVE MCQUEEN: There’s a lot. I can’t say what happens, but I can say that one of my favorite scenes is coming up.
ZACH ROERIG: Matt is still alive. It’s a reunion of sorts. The gang’s all back in town. A lot of people have left and gone out of town and are missing, and they kind of pop back up.
MARGUERITE MACINTYRE: Sheriff Forbes is making an appearance in the 100th episode. I’m really excited and happy that I get to be in it.
MATT DAVIS: I wish I knew. I don’t know!
SARA CANNING: Is Aunt Jenna in the 100th? You think I’m going to tell you that?!
NATHANIEL BUZOLIC: I actually know nothing about the 100th episode. But I’m sure the writers have planned something incredible because it’s such a special event.

What character death shocked you the most?
JULIE PLEC: You’ve got death knocking at the door; whether death succeeds, I will never say!
IAN SOMERHALDER: When Damon killed Jeremy. What an idiot: “I’m going to kill the girl I love’s brother.” The decisions this man makes blows my mind. Then somehow the audience forgives him. They justify everything he does, like “Oh, he was in a bad mood.” He killed her brother! What an idiot. But he does everything with so much heart.
NINA DOBREV: Oh my goodness, they’re all surprising. I was saddened the most by Kayla Ewell aka Vicki’s death because she was my roommate at the time and I didn’t want to lose my roommate and best friend.
PAUL WESLEY: Alaric’s.
CANDICE ACCOLA: Kayla [Ewell] and Sara [Canning].
MICHAEL TREVINO: Aunt Jenna. Sara Canning was with us for a bit there and I just didn’t see that coming. I didn’t see her being killed-off the show. I thought that was a little premature. That one hurt.
ZACH ROERIG: Any of the girls’ deaths. They all are like sisters to me and I have so much love for them still to this day. But probably the first was Kayla, because that was so unexpected and I don’t think any of us thought that any of us were going anywhere. Kayla and I to this day are super close. I have a lot of love for her. She’s probably one of the best people I’ve ever met.
MALESE JOW: When Jeremy died for like the millionth time, when Silas killed him. I remember being really emotional watching the episode.
MARGUERITE MACINTYRE: This is going to seem funny, but when Rose died, the way that Damon was with her. That was so beautiful to me. How he helped her and how he created the space for her to have a beautiful death.
MATT DAVIS: Aunt Jenna. Losing Aunt Jenna and losing Sara Canning was the hardest for me.
SARA CANNING: Kayla Ewell’s [death]. She played Vicki and that rocked me hard, just ’cause she’s so wonderful and she still is a significant part of this group of friends. It was sad and it was also the first major death.

Which character would you like to see resurrected?
JULIE PLEC: I think whenever Lexi is on the show, she brings this breath of fresh-air, and sparkle and sunshine. She’s a really nice presence and it wouldn’t be so sad to have her back around. But we do, believe it or not, kill people for real and never see them again. So, for right now, I’d say there is no plans for a great resurrection. But you never know!
IAN SOMERHALDER: Rick/Alaric. I miss him a lot. There were so many deaths. Who doesn’t miss Anna (Malese Jow)? And Kelly Hu? We’ve killed so many people on the show. But Rick and Damon were so close, and Matt Davis and I are so close. So when you lose a character, you’re not just loosing a character on the show; you’re losing a family member. You’re losing someone in your daily life.
NINA DOBREV: That’s not fair. That’s like choosing your favorite child. I love everyone so much. I’d love to see Matt Davis come back because Elena doesn’t have a parental figure and I think she needs one really badly. So Alaric.
PAUL WESLEY: Alaric. He’s like Jesus. I want him to resurrect.
CANDICE ACCOLA: I feel like everyone ends up being resurrected!
MICHAEL TREVINO: I’d bring back Alaric. I think Matt Davis would come back to Atlanta. I’d bring him back.
STEVE MCQUEEN: Bonnie, obviously, and then probably Alaric.
ZACH ROERIG: Of course, Kayla [Ewell]. But because he’s my boy and cosmic brother, Matt Davis, just ’cause I’m a little bit lost in Atlanta without him. I think they should give Alaric his own spinoff.
MALESE JOW: It would be cool if Anna came back and have to be a scene with Jeremy. They would have to have a chance to reconnect. And I really think Anna and Bonnie could be friends.
MARGUERITE MACINTYRE: I love all of them so much, but I love Aunt Jenna. When I read that script, I could not stop crying. But it was so amazing and such a great story. I loved her. She was another wonderful human. And I love Lexi. I love it whenever Lexi comes back ’cause she’s so sparkly. Arielle [Kebbel] is great. I would love to see her come back too.
MATT DAVIS: I’d love to see Sara [Canning] as Aunt Jenna come back, for sure.
SARA CANNING: I feel like I should say Dillon Casey ’cause I’m doing a show with him right now and he’s playing my brother. He was like, “Thrown in a good word for me down there!”

(Videos of these fun interviews may be seen HERE.)

Based on where we left our characters in the mid-season finale, it is fair to say that the 100th episode is all about Katherine Pierce. With death knockin’ at the door, Katherine is desperate to find a way to extend her all too mortal lifespan. The episode is certain to be a look back at the sins of Katherine’s wanton and remorseless past – but who among them is really suited to be judge, jury and executioner? Are any of our heroes without similar sin or misdeeds hidden in their human and vampire closets?

To see the fate of Katherine Pierce, be sure to tune in for the epic 100th episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on Thursday, January 23rd at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.

[Editor’s Note: This opportunity to interview the cast at their 100th Episode celebration was provided by and sponsored by Warner Bros. Television.]

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"The Vampire Diaries"

“The Vampire Diaries”

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