FALLING SKIES: Who To Trust When the Enemy Is Within (2013)


"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

The third season of FALLING SKIES is off to rip-roaring start.  A mole has infiltrated their inner circle and killed Professor Arthur Manchester (Terry O’Quinn).  Hal (Drew Roy) is infected with an eye bug that has him battling his own body for control.  Anne (Moon Bloodgood) is claiming that her daughter Alexis is showing signs of advanced cognitive and motor skills, leaving Tom (Noah Wyle) to wonder if Anne is losing her faculties.  And now a woman has arrived and claims that the real President of the United States is still alive and leading the real resistance in the fight against the Skitters and Espheni.

As if that were not enough, then there is the question of just what is going on with the Volm? Are they true allies to the humans or are they operating under their own agenda?


"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

In this week’s episode, “At All Costs,” answers to all these questions will be provided, but each will come at a price.  While it is imperative to find out who the mole is, the question of whether Hal and Anne are losing their minds will take them to some dark places; making the theme of “battling the enemy” within is both true in a physical sense and a mental sense.

Also dealing along a similar vein is Ben (Connor Jessup) who will be offered the chance to have his harness spikes removed.  But he will wrestle with the quandary about being free from the spikes and the suspicion that he may still be working with the aliens versus losing all the cool enhance abilities the spikes have afforded him – abilities that have been useful in the fight against the aliens.


"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

Then eying everyone from a careful distance is Pope (Colin Cunningham).  He can just feel in his bones that something is very wrong and he cannot quite figure out if it is a threat from the people he should trust, or a threat that is solely from the enemy outside.  He has never fully trusted Tom since Tom was abducted and given what they still do not know about the aliens’ capabilities at mind-control, that suspicion is perhaps wise.  Pope also cannot stand the Volm and refuses to work with them, no matter what cool toys they have offered the resistance.

With so many issues of trust and underlying secrets brewing, things reach a boiling point and everything erupts.  For Tom, Hal, Maggie (Sarah Carter), Anne, and Ben, they will be forced to make harsh choices, and what happens will surprise and shock everyone.

The unexpected wildcard in their world is Dr. Gidare (Robert Sean Leonard).  He may be a nuclear physicist, but as a scientist, his skills can be employed in many useful ways.  He is the man they should all be watching.

To see where the twists and turns of this season continue to take our heroes, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of FALLING SKIES on Sunday, June 23rd at 9:00 p.m. on TNT.

"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

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