THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: A Dance, Love Triangle and A Goodbye (2012)

The CW drama series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES knows exactly how to tease its fans and how to wring every bit of emotion out just one episode of television.  In the upcoming ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ episode, that last remaining white oak stake has a vital role to play.  We knew it as soon as everyone realized it was missing and when it was revealed last week that Alaric’s alter-ego self and Esther possessing-her-daughter Rebekah had teamed-up.  So as the evil duo unleashes their plan to take down the Originals, it sets off a chain of events that will leave fans reaching for their kleenex boxes.

Let’s just say from the get-go: Esther is one nasty mother.  She will literally do anything to eradicate every single vampire from the face of the planet; and it is just horrific that she found a sympathetic ally, Alaric’s “Dr. Jekyll” side.

So the Decade Dance proves yet again how ill-advised it is for Elena, Caroline, Matt, and Bonnie to think that they should even contemplate having a night trying to normal teenagers.  But each wants to try and have a night of fun and revelry, and to forget about Klaus, Rebekah and all the other nasty things that go bump in the night. Elena, still waffling over her feelings for the Salvatore brothers, attempts to rekindle the romance with Stefan, who is elated that she invites him and not Damon.  Damon in the meantime, does what Damon does best when thwarted:  he stirs up trouble — or rather trouble finds him.  While Damon is not in death’s crosshairs in this episode, many a tear will be shed for the vampire as we witness his pain in this episode.

Finally, as the night ends up revealing what Esther and Alt-Alaric are up to, it is spine-chilling and scary as hell.  Let’s just say it ends up rounding up everyone in a way that they never saw coming.  Even Rebekah has her part to play in this night of foreshadowed doom.  Plus, anytime there is a scene where Matt and Jeremy are threatening to shoot each other, we know something has gone terribly wrong.  Likewise, Tyler is back and having to pretend to kow-tow to Klaus lest Klaus figure out that Tyler may have broken the sire-bond, which leads to a sticky scene at the dance when Klaus puts the moves on Caroline.  So the romantic triangles are in play as Caroline and Elena are forced to confront their multitude of romantic prospects.  Fortunately for Caroline, her love has never wavered; and for Elena, with Jeremy and Caroline voting “Team Stefan,” it seems like she may be lured back into the safe-haven arms of Stefan.

Then the final clue and teaser that will take fans and viewers through ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ and last two remaining episodes of the season: what will be Jeremy’s fate since he continues to wear his invincibility/resurrection ring?  When warned yet again against the dangers of continuing to wear it, Jeremy merely retorts, “When my sister stops hanging out with vampires, I’ll take it off.”  Even after witnessing the harm the ring brought to Alaric, it still has not proved a strong enough warning to Jeremy.  What will it take to be the “tipping point”?  If Alaric’s behavior and actions in this episode do not do it, then nothing will.  How many times have we cheered when both Alaric and Jeremy have cheated death with those rings?  But there is always a price to be paid.  Alaric’s price is entirely too high and it will shake Jeremy to the core.

Death comes a knocking’ at Mystic Falls’ door and you’re going to be surprised who is standing on the other side.  Warning: It’s not who you think!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES airs Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.

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