RUBICON: AMC’s espionage thriller ends its masterful 1st season (2010)

The term “rubicon” means to pass the point of no return.  For the television series “Rubicon,” it means that when a chain of events is set in motion, it cannot be stopped – like the falling of a string of dominos.

“Rubicon” focuses an organization known as API (American Policy Institute), which is a government-affiliated think tank.  Working for this elite group are analyst Will Travers (James Badge Dale), his teammates Miles Fiedler (Dallas Roberts), Grant Test (Christopher Evan Welch), and Tanya MacGaffin (Lauren Hodges), their mysterious supervisor Kale Ingram (Arliss Howard), Kale’s loyal assistant Maggie Young (Jessica Collins), and man behind the curtain — the man in charge at API — Truxton Spangler (Michael Christofer).

When Will trips across a mysterious pattern amidst the crossword puzzles, he unknowingly sets into motion a chain of events that ends up with the death of his mentor, David Hadas (Peter Gerety). Quietly investigating both the circumstances of David’s death and the significance of the crossword code, Will discovers that there are tentacles stretching back in to the walls of America’s most powerful companies and involving entrenched political figures – all who have too much to lose.

The game of cat-and-mouse is more akin to a finely tuned chess-match; each time Will takes another step closer, a pawn must be sacrificed.  Caught up in the conspiracy is Katherine Rhumor (Miranda Richardson), widow of a prominent business man who committed suicide rather than participate in yet another global atrocity.  It is once Katherine and Will’s simultaneous investigations led them to each other that the pieces began to fall into place.  It also placed a bulls-eye squarely on their backs as they raced against the clock to prevent a major catastrophe before they were boxed in.

However, as the series wraps up its first season, the match has been struck – a suicide-bomber blew up an oil tanker off the Gulf Coast — causing a massive oil spill; thereby cutting off the U.S.’s oil supply for at least 3 months.  It was a devastating blow and the ripple effects will be felt globally in the after-shock of this horrendous act of terrorism.  The finale takes everything down to wire as Will and Katherine, with perhaps the aid of Kale, Maggie and Will’s team try to pin-point who is ultimately responsible and who will be held accountable.  Will API take the fall for failing to identify the secret society manipulating world events for their own diabolical and greedy purposes?

Be sure to tune in and watch the riveting season finale of “Rubicon” on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on AMC.

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