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EP’s Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan Tease the Remainder of BONES Season 7: Brennan, Booth and Baby Make Three — and a Perfect Family!

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As the second part of this season of BONES continues, it will be with twists, turns, surprises and a super-villain. By far, the biggest change will be the bundle of joy that arrives April 2nd in a special episode misleadingly entitled, “The Prisoner in the Pipe.” Sure, there is the expected murder, body and mystery, but for fans, this season has been counting down to the arrival of Brennan and Booth’s baby and what kinds of changes that will bring to the hard-working duo. In a recent conference call with press, executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan shared what to expect for the remainder of the season and how much of it will be baby-driven versus the weekly murder-and-mayhem.

How is the number of episodes for the rest of the season going to play out?
STEPHEN: You haven’t heard a definitive answer, because there isn’t one yet. All we know is that we have a season ender, and that will leave us with four extra episodes that have to be able to be slotted anywhere at any time without notice. That’s all we know.
HART: There’s been no word from Fox when they want to air it, whether they want to air them in the summer, or whether they want to save them for next season or slot them in next season.
STEPHEN: We just don’t know, so that actually made from some four kind of interesting episodes.
HART: Yes. I mean it might be that the executives at Fox just watch them at lunch just amongst themselves. We haven’t been told.


Will the FBI become an obstacle for Booth and Brennan at work, especially now that they’re going to have the baby and are they’re living together?
HART: We’re not planning a storyline in which the FBI says, “You can’t be partners.” We discussed it and then we thought, “God, if we tell that story, there isn’t a single audience member who’s going to go, ‘oh my God, I wonder if they’ll never be allowed to work together again?’” So we just decided not to do it—it may come up time to time, especially from Sweets that it’s odd to have a couple working together, but it’s not the oddest thing in the world.
STEPHEN: No, I think the most important thing for us is to keep the show on the same footing it’s been for seven years, which is this is a murder show, and Booth and Brennan are always going to be working together to solve these murders. So we don’t ever intend to take that away. That’s not to say that it won’t be incredibly difficult for them, but it won’t be because of any bureaucratic nonsense that it will make it difficult. It’ll just be them working together, the difficulties they have working together as they always have.

In the spring premier Daisy is back and then the following episode it looks like Finn Abernathy returns. When working on an episode, where in the process do you decide which intern is be used?
HART: It’s a twofold thing. One is we figure out who we haven’t seen for a while. Two, we figure out who would best fit the story, and then three, we find out if that person is available. Usually all three of those things don’t occur at the same time.
STEPHEN: Sometimes we have finished a script, are very, very excited that the intern of our choice is going to be in it, only to find out that they’re unavailable, so we have to rewrite the script. But we’ve been very fortunate, because these stories were very, very specific. We wanted Daisy, definitely wanted Daisy to be in the episode where the baby is born, and things are starting an arc in the episode following, so we were glad that worked out, too. She’s just been a phenomenal addition to the show.

With the arrival of the baby, can we still expect the same format of primarily focusing on that case of the week, or will there be more time spent on showing the new parents and what it’s like at home for them?
STEPHEN: There’s always been that balancing act in the show of their personal life and the cases, but we’re a murder show, so that will not change. But when we do go home, they have a new arrival, which changes their lives, so the baby will be a part of the show, because it’s a part of their lives. But somebody is still going to be murdered in a heinous and cruel way, and we will be revolted at the beginning of the show as we always have been and hopefully we’ll catch them.
HART: The balance won’t change, but the context will.

"Bones" - The Prisoner in the Pipe episode

Can you address how the arrival of the baby is going change Brennan?
HART: We’ve always seen Brennan as a character who, because of her upbringing, was kind of afraid of life, did not want to engage with life, or had to be protected by a veneer of rationality and logic and science. The first thing to come and challenge to breech those walls was Booth who made her confront, lead a more dangerous life, at least emotionally in that her happiness is contingent upon another person’s happiness. And now she has a child, and you might be able to avoid a lover as someone whose happiness, your happiness is contingent upon, but definitely not a child. So that’s what she is contending with, she is now a big open bruise because of another human being and she will find that very disorienting.
STEPHEN: Brennan is so objective even about herself that she is caught off-guard by all these new feelings. I think that’s what’s great for us in terms of writing the show. We get to see a character who is as astonished by these new feelings and this new behavior as the audience is. We saw that in the first six episodes when the hormones were going crazy and she was crying, which she had never done before. She has different emotions that she’s unaccustomed to, so all of that will continue.
HART: There’s a story in one of our four hanging-chad stories. One of the victims is a kid, and Brennan turns to Booth and says in a very shocked way, “I find I have a great need to go see Christine,” and it makes no rational sense; and that’s sort of what Stephen is talking about is she’s just shocked that someone has gotten so deeply into her heart.
STEPHEN: We’ve done that actually in the second episode back. It’s the first time she is going back to work, and she has to deal with leaving Christine for the first time. Emily just did a wonderful job. It’s a great new area for us to explore.

Booth has been a father before and he has a son. But he was really kind of chauvinistic in that he didn’t want them to buy a house and use Brennan’s money, so they found this house. Is the house going to be ready, and is Booth going to give at all on the issue of the fact that she makes more money, and she can do more for this child maybe financially?
STEPHEN: They’re dealing with it. It’s back and forth. It’s what happens in any couple. The need to compromise and the ability to do so are not always the same.
HART: I’m really glad you said that because a lot of feedback that we get is that Booth is perfect and Brennan isn’t, and Booth is not perfect. He’s not perfect, and he has to, in his own way, has to give up as much as she does in this new life, and that is an ongoing, what is it, field between them that they have to plow. It’s like how much is she going to pay for and how much is he going to pay for? We get a lot of comedy out of it, as well as character stuff. It’s a good, fertile field for us.
STEPHEN: But the house is not in the shape it was in the last episode.

Can you talk about the decision to reveal Brennan’s pregnancy before you kind of revealed that Booth and Brennan were lovers?
HART: Or had ever had sex, I can’t stand the word “lovers.” I can’t stand it. I think only English people can say that. We always knew that the end season six would be the reveal that Booth and Brennan had slept together. We knew that they were going to sleep together. What changed everything was when Emily confided in us that she was pregnant, and we decided to adjust the storyline for season seven accordingly. So season seven would have been the story of how Booth and Brennan come to grips with the fact that they are now intimate and sexually involved. We threw out probably a half a season there, perhaps more and inserted that they were going to have a child. So really the only thing that changed in season six was the very last scene where she turns to Booth and says, “I’m pregnant and you’re the father.” That scene, of course, would not have existed. Otherwise mostly that season would have been intact as it was. What we have to do now is show the romance in a couple that’s been together and has a child. What America is going to miss is the unfolding courtship of Booth and Brennan and we could not be happier to avoid that.


 Brennan going back to work, will there be a time-gap or will she return to work right away?
HART: It’s actually a short amount of time.
STEPHEN: It’s a short amount of time. There’s probably six weeks or so, maybe eight weeks between the time the baby arrives and she goes back to work.
HART: She gets oddly about the same amount of time as Emily had. We did not want to do a story where our main crime solver was at home for a number of episodes. That seemed to us to be a really good way to lose a ton of viewers and momentum, so it’s right back into the fray. Mind you, we do contend with, as Stephen said, we have to contend with who’s going to take care of the baby, and how is Brennan going to juggle her being a mom living with Booth, how is Booth going to juggle her and the baby and do their jobs. But they’re still doing their jobs.
STEPHEN: Yes, we didn’t want to turn the show into some sort of domestic show where the murder was a secondary aspect. The murder is still the primary focus of the show, and their domestic lives are crucial and important and what we love about the show, but people are still dead.

With the shortened season and the four episodes that have to stand alone, were there any character arcs or some more serialized storylines that you had to push off until next year?
STEPHEN: The four actual episodes will not be arc-related. They have to be able to stand on their own. So those four episodes we were able to do stories that we wouldn’t have normally done in a regular lineup.
HART: Very, very standalone and maybe even a bit odd with the gags to them, what’s the word? They have “conceits” to them.
STEPHEN: They’re more stylized than we normally would do, and we were able to try to tackle stories that we might not normally have tackled, because we don’t know how old the baby is going to be. We don’t know what’s going to happen between relationships between people, so these really were standalone.
HART: We knew what was coming when we started the season, so it’s not like we started some and then withdrew them; but we have many, many arcs and ideas, a bin-full of ideas for them that we simply didn’t pull out, because it wasn’t going to go in this year. I’m pretty sure the one that we would’ve gotten to, had we had a normal length of a year would be some more Booth family stuff. I still want to do a Hodgins family surprise. But those just went away, because of the shortened season and because we had these strong B stories, character stories connected to the baby.
STEPHEN: I enjoyed it. There are five fewer episodes, so that’s a lot of missing arcs, but they’ll be back if we’re back.

When people have babies, it usually brings in extended family. Are we going to be seeing more of that on the show?
STEPHEN: Yes, yes, we will. We’ll certainly see some of the people, we’re going to see Brennan’s dad. He’ll return. We’ve already seen Booth’s grandfather this year under sad circumstances. Certainly going into next year, we’re going to see the extended families.


What’s going on with Cam for the rest of the season?
STEPHEN: She’s been very heavily involved this season in the lab with our people kind of as the boss. She’s sort of taken that role, that role has been expanded a bit, so you’ll see that in subsequent episodes. We have a lot planned for Cam personally, but as Hart said earlier, our hands were a little bit tied this year because of the five fewer episodes, we weren’t able to give some of the other characters that we love, Hodgins and Cam, more extensive arcs. We will be doing that if we get picked up.

In seasons one and two, Angela and Brennan were very close, always had heart to hearts and fans really seemed to enjoy those. Are there going to be more now that they’re both sort of in the same place in their life, new mothers in very strong relationships?
HART: Stephen, I’m looking at you with consternation in my face. There are two episodes that we’ve done in the last month that have good Angela and Brennan stuff in them. It’s not all over the baby, by the way, not all over the fact that they are moms. That’s certainly helps.
STEPHEN: But we’ve had a few, especially one where Angela and Brennan kind of leave the lab and play hooky. We do have them, and Cam is also now involved in sort of that kind of relationship. She’s become a bit closer to Angela and Brennan. But Angela and Brennan do, we do see them quite intimately in a few episodes.
HART: Angela has her own issues with how she’s changed, being a married woman with a child that we explore a little bit; and so she is better situated to understand what Brennan is going through feeling that she’s changed, although Angela is more nostalgic for who she used to be I think than Brennan is. She’s more reflective. But yes, in my mind it’s come up at least three times in the last six episodes and, in fact, at least one really strong storyline. I think in the season ender the audience will get a very good feeling for how close Angela and Brennan are. In some ways Angela knows Brennan better than Booth does in that way that another friend of the same sex can understand you more than your partner.
STEPHEN: And she knows Brennan better than Brennan does.

In the episode coming up on April 2nd, we find out that Brennan gives in to Booth and allows the baby to be baptized. Are there going to be any other concessions?
STEPHEN: The baby is not baptized in that episode.
HART: Yes, my glib response is every single episode where they have anything to do with home and kids is a constant trade-off between the two, as to what they are willing to give up for the other one for the other.
STEPHEN: We’ve seen seven years of these two people having such a different view of life and that will not change.

Hart, did the cast of BONES feel concerned that your attention would not be 100% focused on the original show, since you have THE FINDER?
HART: Yes. BONES is a pretty tight theatre company. We’re a pretty tight bunch. We’ve been together a long time, and there was concern, but it was of that nature. I don’t think they thought the show was going to fall apart. Stephen Nathan has been here since the first episode, and it’s not like if I died, the show would go on. There might be more jokes in it and more references to bagels, but otherwise, Stephen is perfectly capable. So they weren’t worried on a professional level. It’s just like what is going to happen to our plucky gang. It’s mostly a pleasure to work on BONES and we like each other, so I think it was more like as if I was moving a block away or something. But my office is in the same place. Both shows are shot on the lot. Stephen and I, we share a, what do you call this thing, Stephen, a porch? Our offices share this ugly little porch. We cannot get away from each other, and the actors are just a stage away, so they wander into my office. I think they mostly realized that since I wasn’t physically going anywhere, that they had nothing to worry about. And as I say, Stephen Nathan is a very confidence-inspiring guy. He just stepped into the gap that I left. Now THE FINDER hasn’t been shooting for how long now, Stephen, a month, maybe more. We’re enjoying working more closely again, but did that answer your question?

Why was it that only John Francis Daley and TJ Thyne guest starred on THE FINDER?
HART: We, being BONES, BONES shut down for a period of time and wasn’t shooting. It was during that time that we could use BONES actors on THE FINDER, so we figured out very quickly, John was the first one, because the story of having someone down to look at Walter’s mental competency was a good storyline for us and a really natural fit. And then the next story that suggested TJ was a conspiracy theorist story. If it had been another kind of story, then we would have brought down Cam or Angela. Of course, Emily couldn’t be in it because she was busy having a baby. David, we could have had him in an episode, but he very much wanted to direct an episode, so that’s when he directed was during that downtime. I hope, I’m knocking on wood, we have an uphill climb, but if THE FINDER comes back, then eventually everybody will be on it.

What is the story for this season’s big finale?
HART: Pellant is going to scare the crap out of people in the season finale.
STEPHEN: Yes, there will be no crap in people anymore after Pellant’s episode. He really is going to turn the series on its head for a little bit. He has much more power than any of our serial bad guys have had in the past.

Whether those extra four episodes are aired or not this season, the only thing we can count on is that amidst the baby-glow of motherhood and fatherhood for Brennan and Booth, crime stops for no one and there will still be plenty of bad guys and criminal masterminds to combat and conquer. Fortunately, our dynamic duo is up to the task – although a bit more sleep deprived. Pity the villain that tangles with them at this particularly prickly time in their lives! BONES returns will all new episodes starting Monday, April 2nd at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.


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"Bones" at PaleyFest

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

"Bones" at PaleyFest

David Boreanaz and Michaela Conlin

Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz and Michaela Conlin

TJ Thyne and John Francis Daley

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz and Michaela Conlin

TJ Thyne

The cast of "Bones" at PaleyFest

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

Michaela Conlin, TJ Thyne and John Francis Daley

David Boreanaz and Michaela Conlin

Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel

John Francis Daley

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David Boreanaz and Michaela Conlin

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A Comedic Update from Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan on the World of BONES

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As any fan of BONES knows by now, the funny-bone that runs throughout the series is due to showrunners and executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan who not only passionately adore their show and the cast that star in it, they love poking fun at each other and everything else around them.  It is that distinct comedic voice backdropping their warm familial writing style that has drawn fans from around the globe into the BONES world.  In a recent conference call with press, Hart and Stephen candidly shared a few fun things to look forward to in the upcoming season.

How will the Booth-and-Brennan relationship change this upcoming season now that it has been revealed that Booth is pregnant with Booth’s child? Can you talk about how the show is approaching that and how you made sure the balance of the show stayed intact?

STEPHEN:  Well, really I think to us, it was somewhat organic.  We just continued to write Booth and Brennan in the same way, which were two completely disparate characters who agreed on very little on the surface — only now, they’re dealing with a pregnancy and a relationship.   So, it really seemed to be a natural extension of the previous six years of BONES.

HART: Our big worry—Stephen and I used to talk about this all the time — we knew that Booth and Brennan would get together euphemistically in Season 6—and we knew that it would be over the death of a beloved Squintern and then, we sort of got this big gift.  Then Stephen and I had to talk all of the time: “Well what happens next?  What does it look like?  What replaces unrequited, sexual tension?  What interesting dynamic replaces that?”  And it’s a tough one.  And we talked about it at great length and then, the gods intervened and Emily came and said, “I’m pregnant.”   At that moment we knew what replaced sexual tension was an actual human being.

STEPHEN: Also, I think what we really wanted to avoid more than anything was to have a couple madly in love with each other, because it’s to me that’s always going out to dinner with a couple who have just met and make out all through dinner.  And you want to kill them and never have dinner with them again.  So we wanted to avoid that dinner.  And we successfully did.  We have a couple who we can invite over every week for dinner and they’re great company.

HART: They can never go out to dinner.

STEPHEN: Yes, they can’t go out.  But, at least, make out while you’re eating.

Could you guys also talk about backstories of some of our supporting characters? 

HART: TJ is angling to be the lead of the show.  He had so many ideas.  You may have seen he is a really good writer and director if you check out his work on YouTube.  So he has tons of ideas and man, as an actor, he’s up for anything.  But, well what do we want to admit to, Stephen?

STEPHEN: Well, we can admit to we’re going to hear a little bit about his grandfather and see him kind of dive-in in episode six with our new resident villain.  Kind of dive-in as only Jack Hodgins can, and in adding a bit of conspiracy and a bit of code breaking.

HART: And we have a story in our pocket about TJ—Hodgins’ brother.  But, it’s in my mind, and Stephen may talk me out of this, in my mind it’s attached to a piece of casting that I can’t imagine doing it without this piece of casting attached to it or my interest level drops.   So, we have to wait and see if that happens and no, I would never admit who it is.

STEPHEN: But, as we will see, there’s a lot of Angela and Hodgins in the first six episodes actually.  So we learn more about them than we ever have before as well.  And Billy Gibbons returns.

HART: Stephen, you want to take an opportunity to talk a bit about the new Squintern?

STEPHEN: Well, I think everybody’s seen the new Squintern,  Finn.  Luke Kleintank plays him and he is somebody who will be recurring with us.  He’s phenomenal.

HART: I really just want to hear you say, “Luke Kleintank.”

STEPHEN:     I know.  We’ve cast some actors just because of their names this year.

HART: Yes, I just want to say starring with Luke’s flying tank.

STEPHEN: And he is great.  We are already writing him in—he’s already returning.  And we’ll get into that in the last eleven, but I don’t want to give anything away, but he comes back and it’s quite a nice involvement with the other characters.

HART: And babies do tend to drag relatives out of the woodwork, so we have some.  I think, actually the Booth and his grandfather and his father’s story in the first six is maybe one of the best episodes of BONES ever, certainly one—an amazing performances by David Boreanaz and I’m dying for everyone to see.  And that has family attached.  And also, Stephen, I don’t know if we should admit too, but we think we have a pretty good idea for who should take care of the baby.

STEPHEN: Yes, I think that’s something that we can keep to ourselves until the—because that’s after the first six.  But it’ll be a lot of fun, yes.

Can you talk about the amnesia aspects within the premiere and how that concept came about?

HART: The amnesia aspects?  I’ve totally forgotten what they are.

STEPHEN: That’s a good joke.

HART: I’ve totally forgotten what the amnesia aspect is.  I have. I have.

STEPHEN: The first murder, the woman had amnesia.  We just kind of wanted to—

HART: Oh, okay, I instantly go to our main characters and go “Who the hell had amnesia?”

STEPHEN: The amnesia episode obviously was based on Hart.

HART: Ask me which episode of THE FINDER is shooting behind me right now.  I don’t know.  God, when did those discussions first start, Stephen?

STEPHEN: Well, it was—yes, it was last year when we were planning the new season.  We really wanted to have an episode that would kind of resonate with what Booth and Brennan where going through. What you bring to a new relationship, and how it’s been formed completely by your past and whether you can make remake those memories and what it is to make new memories.  So, we were just kind of playing with that concept. And then, we also thought it was a cool murder.  I want to make it deeper than that, but a cool murder usually wins out.

HART: We always start with a cool murder or a cool corpse, I should say.

Can you talk about how you keep up with changes in real forensics and investigation techniques between seasons and how they impact the writers?

HART: Oh well, we have quite a few.  There’s a writer’s room full of smart writers who are digging through stuff all the time and most of the time, there’s—who comes in with technology Stephen? I have a bin full of technological ideas — one of the writers seems to come in with cool technology.

STEPHEN: There’s a group of them.  They come in with new equipment that has just been developed and new investigatory techniques.  It’s a remarkable group of people, because they will come to us and say, “Well, you know, this person could have been murdered, actually in another galaxy.  It’s totally real at this point and wind up in somebody’s ‘Soup for One’ can.”  It’s crazy.

HART: Yes, I have to credit that to the writer’s room, because I don’t know about you, Stephen, but I’m certainly not looking for new forensics techniques in my down time.

STEPHEN: No. I would say that 90% of the stuff that we do in the show is completely real and scientifically accurate.  We might stretch or shrink the time as necessary, but the science is correct and usually is mind boggling to us.

HART: Yes, and people do send us [ideas]. I mean, we get links all of the time to journals and new forensic techniques and scientific techniques.  I happen to send them immediately up to the writing room.  I don’t even read them because it makes my head hurt, but now I just send them up to the writer’s room and they churn those things out.  They’re an amazing group of people.

What can you share about what’s going on with Cam this upcoming season besides hiring the new Squintern?

STEPHEN: Well, so far in the first six episodes, a lot has to do with the new intern and her juggling the lab with this new dynamic.  You know with Brennan being pregnant and still trying to maintain a functioning lab.

HART: And she still has daughter problems.

STEPHEN: Yes, and though the remainder of the episode — we can’t mention that storyline — but there’s going to be a lot more for Cam in the second half of the year.  We have all of that planned out now.   A lot of stuff with her daughter.  She also is going out with a doctor still.  So, all of that is going to be explored in the second half of the season when we come back, but we just had so much to do with Booth and Brennan that it was very, very difficult to service everybody as much as we would like.  We keep asking the network, but the network will only give us an hour.  I don’t know why.

HART: And imagine what it’s like to be the only woman in a work place who hasn’t had a baby.

Can tease how long we might have to wait for a marriage proposal, and will it be initiated by Booth or Brennan?

HART: That was Stephen Nathan’s idea.  That was a really great idea.  I remember Stephen coming running into my office to say, “Here’s—” because, of course, our first questions were how are we going to deal with this?  And Stephen came in.  Stephen does run.  He runs like a duck, but he runs, and he came in running into my office to say, “I want to do it this way!”  And I thought it was a brilliant idea.  I think the theme of this year is there and I wouldn’t in a million years want to say how long it would take to—to unroll itself.

STEPHEN: Yeah, we have to find out how they’re dealing with it first, too.  You know, how Booth and Brennan are dealing with it.  That’ll be the surprise.

Stephen, you’ve recently mentioned on Twitter something about a BONES case of something being even too gross for you and I was wondering what that was.

HART: This is my main question these days.

STEPHEN: Really?  That?  It was in episode six with our new villain and there was actually—it was just something that I’m sure will appear on the DVD so the fans will be able to see it.  But it was just a little bit too disgusting even for me.  And I love disgusting, but it’s got to be a little bit funny.

HART: Listen, Stephen is the gross one of us.  He just took those opening sequences with the bodies and he just with great glee, he makes things horrible, and for him to say “that was too gross” is amazing.  Can I also say that I saw—Stephen, I’m not going to blow what this is, but there was—we were looking at a rendering of remains in the lab when something happened that I physically ran away from the monitor as did one of the characters in the lab.

STEPHEN:     Oh, yes, oh, yes, yes.  That’s great, and that’s horrifying, but fun.  You laugh a little bit.

HART:  Not so much me. . . .Well, I did come back and say, “Do it again!  Do it again! Show me again!”  And it never, oh just so horrible, but—

STEPHEN:  I think what happened is that the thing that got me this time is that it was a fresh body, which we don’t normally do and the people who do the bodies are so brilliant.  The Yeagers.  Chris Yeager—they are so brilliant and they are so realistic that when it was kind of fresh and newly killed, it was too—it was just too horrible.  It wasn’t… To the BONES fans, it was me.  It wouldn’t have been right.

HART: We learned a little bit of a lesson from the Gravedigger’s head exploding about fresh, fresh murders.

STEPHEN:  Yes, yes that was a you know—that was a little bit fun, but not, not—

HART: Yes, no I don’t like it.

Can you talk about the challenges of filming while Emily was pregnant?

HART: Tell them, Stephen.  Tell the story about the stunt double in the first shot and the whole ….

STEPHEN: I just want to say one thing that Emily—we actually scheduled the shooting of episodes five and six so that we were shooting them at the same time — all I can say is Emily was so pregnant that she finished on Monday and had the baby the next day.  So, she was working until—she basically was in the good earth.   She was unbelievable, but she refused to have stunt people and there’s a scene that you’ll see in I think it’s the second episode, where she just has at some 350 pound man, and that was her.

HART: Well, Stephen I was thinking that we hired a stunt double, remember?  It was a story point that Booth was concerned about Brennan getting to across some broken ground to a crime scene and we told Emily, “Well, you know what Brennan would do—she’d run across there, but we’ll have a stunt double for that.”   And she said, “No, I want to do it.”  And we had to physically tell her “No. You’re not going to run across that to get to the body.  We’ve got a stunt double for that.”  She’s just been totally game.

STEPHEN: She just did absolutely everything.  I mean, you know, there were a couple of times that the days were long, and we sent her home.  But, honestly, she is built from iron.  She is unbelievable.

HART: Sadly, she is going to say it’s because she is a vegan, so I’m going to lose that war.

It still feels unforgivable that you killed off Mr. Nigel-Murray.

STEPHEN:  You know what?  That was horrible for us.  We hated that.  We love him so much.

HART: The reason he got killed is very simple—someone was going to die this year and we waited until we knew each of our Squinterns, what they were going to be doing the following seasons.  And he got a series, 13, on the air, on the Syfy network so he was the one to be killed.  Also, I’ve always thought in the back of my mind that should the Syfy series go away, I wish it only ill, that is one of the few characters that you could conceivably bring back as a relative or where you can laughingly say, Vincent Nigel-Murray is dead but Nigel Vincent Murray is still alive. And because he can do a million accents; he is such a chameleon and we actually had a good little weep.  I think that’s what everyone did when he left.

STEPHEN: Oh, it was terrible.  We called the other show and told them he stunk and they shouldn’t hire him.   We did everything we possibly could, but they just ….

HART: We are doomed with these Squinterns.  Every single one of them could go get a recurring new job—a starring job in another series any day.

STEPHEN: Don’t say that.

HART: We have to be prepared for it.

STEPHEN: You’re just going to encourage them.

HART: …To become a huge star now?

STEPHEN:  I know.  I know.  It’s a remarkable group.  It really is.

What’s coming up with Patricia Belcher, who plays Caroline, for this season?

STEPHEN: She is going to make at least four appearances this season even in the shortened season.  We love that.  She just does an incredible, incredible job.

ART: Yes.

STEPHEN: Every scene she’s in, it just lights up.  And David loves working with her, and they’re just a great couple.

HART: Can I point out that Patty Belcher is probably the actor who is least like her character than any actor I have ever worked with?  She is not that woman, so she is an amazing actress.

With the show has juxtaposed religion and science, will that be an issue with Booth and Brennan having the baby together?

HART: Oh, I would say so.  Wouldn’t you, Stephen?

STEPHEN: Oh, yes, we’re still playing that.  They’re going through all of those huge issues that any couple goes through when they’re having a baby.

HART: And the stakes are raised.  They used to have these kind of theoretical arguments about God versus science.  Well, now the stakes are raised.  It has to do with the upbringing and shaping of a human being.  So, it only makes it—that’s what I mean about it being such a gift to us.  It’s like, “Oh wow!  This brings a whole new level to the disagreements these two radically different people have about the way the world works and where people fit in the world.”

STEPHEN: And you will see that in the first episodes and also I can, without telling you anything at all, episode seven is that big time. Yes, they’re dealing with that issue in a pretty intense way, yes.

To supplement this somewhat abbreviated season, there was talk of getting a four episode mini season, maybe during this summer.  Do you have any updates on that?

STEPHEN:  Well, we have no idea what the scheduling is.  We don’t have any idea of what the scheduling will be.  They do want to do ultimately seventeen episodes.  How it airs is really up to Fox.  We’re kind of at this point, going along with the premise that we’ll do a season of thirteen episodes and the remaining four episodes are still up in the air where they will air, or how they will air.  They could air before what we consider our last episode even.  So, that’s a long way of saying we have no idea of when those four episodes will play out.

HART: It’s a real pickle for us because we don’t quite know where to place these four stories in our universe and it’s tough if they air all in a row, they would be odd because they don’t—they would not contain any meaningful character arts.  So, it’s a pickle.  We’re hoping we can get some guidance, perhaps after we air for a while and perhaps, after we see how the rest of the Fox show does.

Will there be any new FINDER crossovers?

HART: I’m crossing my fingers right now, but we shot a episode in which Sweets came down to take part in an investigation and evaluate Walter through the FBI and right now, we’re closing in on having a conspiracy theory episode in which the ideal character, of course, is Jack Hodgins to come down and be dueling conspiracy theorists with Walter.  The idea is really funny.  We just have to make sure that TJ is available and that it fits into his schedule, but it’s looking pretty good for that, and we want to do one more.  We want to do one more. We don’t know what it is yet.   By the way, we’re also looking to see if there is a place and a room for Stephen Fry to appear in a FINDER episode as Gordon Gordon Wyatt.

To see exactly how Booth and Brennan deal with the impending arrival of their little bundle of joy and how it rocks the BONES world, as well as the new crazy cases and villains looming on the horizon, be sure to tune in for the seventh season premiere of BONES on Thursday, November 3rd at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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