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Saying Goodbye to FRINGE: One Last Fight For The Future

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The time has come to say goodbye and FRINGE fans across the globe are preparing for a teary-eyed finale. It won’t matter if it is a happy ending or a sad ending for our heroes, it will be just hard to say farewell to characters that become like family. Will Friday nights ever be the same again without Walter, Peter, Olivia, Astrid and Broyles? Will it be enough to know that somewhere out there a “fringe” division exists and they are working diligently to save the universe or multiple universes from mad scientists, wormholes, dark matter, converging timelines and much, much more?

When it came time for the cast and producers of FRINGE to say goodbye to the fans at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, there was not a dry eye in the room. Even the normally impervious press were not untouched by the extreme emotion displayed that day.

So recently when the FRINGE Benefit event was held at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, it was similarly emotional. Attending to say one final goodbye were executive producer J.H. (Joel) Wyman and star Lance Reddick. They even took a few minutes to share a few last minute memories and final words for the fans:

J.H. Wyman:

Lance Reddick:

All along FRINGE has promised that it will deliver answers and which will not leave its fans hanging wondering what might have been; yet it is impossible to not suspect that, even after the end, whether we will wonder for years to come the final fates of our FRINGE heroes. Could they be living wondrous lives out there, somewhere? We certainly hope so. It is too painful to imagine that they would not be having more adventures – in our dreams at least.

The only thing for certain is that the 2-hour epic series finale of FRINGE, which airs Friday, January 18th at 8:00 p.m. on Fox, should not be missed. It is time to conquer the Observers and return the world to those who truly deserve it. It is one last fight for the future and we are certain that Walter, Olivia, Peter, Astrid and Broyles have one last trick up their sleeves – and with a twirl of one last red vine, Walter shall vanquish the Observes once and for all. That’s the FRINGE we know and love. So raise a glass and celebrate with them. The time has come to say goodbye. So long and farewell, long live FRINGE!


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The Future of FRINGE Claims One of Their Own: Saying Goodbye to Etta Bishop

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In last week’s tragic episode, “The Bullet That Saved the World,” another character’s life was claimed in the fight for the future. It felt like we barely had time to get to know and appreciate Henrietta Bishop, affectionately known as Etta (Georgina Haig). She had only a few precious days with her parents Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Josh Jackson). Yet in those few short episodes and that period after she rescued both of them from their amber graves, Etta became an integral part of the FRINGE verse. Five episodes is all it took to win our hearts and make us now wonder how Peter and Olivia will be able to face the future, especially now knowing that their daughter will not be a part of it.

It was like a sucker-punch. Etta was supposed to be our heroes’ guide in the future and their savior to keep them safe from the omnipresent Observers. She was the lifeline to give all of them hope that there was a future worth fighting for. Etta was also their connection to the underground resistance movement. So the future is now uncertain and even more tenuous than before.

Our heroes, Peter, Olivia, Walter (John Noble), Astrid (Jasika Nicole) and Broyles (Lance Reddick), will certainly not back-down and will continue with their efforts to find a way to destroy the Observers, but at what cost? As FRINGE moves forward with Episode 5 of its final thirteen episodes, we are beginning to suspect that more precious lives will be lost along the way. The world is worth fighting for – now and in the future — but it is claiming a heavy price in the process.

Already robbed once of the chance to be parents, and assuming that both survive, would Olivia and Peter really want to have another child again knowing that the future could always be so uncertain and cruel?
FRINGE is a television show willing to take risks. It knows that the world it has created is lethal and dangerous. In the first season, Olivia lost her partner Charlie (Kirk Acevedo). Then last season, we watched with horror as Captain Lincoln Lee in the alt-verse was struck down. And while we had less time to get attached to Simon Foster (Henry Ian Cusik), it was still sad to see his final fate was to be decapitated and mercilessly experimented on by the Observers. So it should have come as no shock when Etta was shot and then sacrificed herself to blow up the approaching Observers in order to give her parents a chance of escape. It was hero’s death and one worthy of the daughter of Peter and Olivia Bishop; for time and time again Peter and Olivia have put their lives on the line in order to save the world and even the fate of two universes. But somehow it felt too soon and too wrong to lose Etta just as soon as Peter and Olivia found her again. 21 years waiting and surviving and she could only be granted a few days to be reunited with her family? So brutal and painful.

Etta was an anomaly. Born of a father who did not originally exist in our universe, who had been stolen by Walter Bishop and brought back, and then erased from existence – only to refuse to let go and find a crack in time and push his way back again – Etta is a miracle to have ever been born. She was also born of a mother who was prone to special abilities, abilities that may or may not have been inherited by Etta. Etta certainly demonstrated a special ability to cloud her thoughts from the Observers. That gift saved her and guaranteed that she would one day find a way to rescue her parents. Yet it was not just Etta’s ability to pass unnoticed by the Observers that made her special; she had the ability to draw people to her. She was a human magnet for the resistance and that skill combined with her natural intelligence made her an incalculable ally. The girl was truly a secret weapon in the fight against the Observers. So it seems ludicrous to kill off the one person that inspires Peter and Olivia to fight and who had such valuable abilities. Such a risk with nine more episodes to go in the final journey of FRINGE seems wasteful.

Is Etta’s death to be the catalyst that propels Olivia and Peter to make every sacrifice needed to destroy the Observers? Would they have been too hesitant to risk their own lives knowing that they had already been robbed of a life with Etta before and did not want to lose out on the opportunity to share a life with her in the future? Thus, must our heroes be stripped bare and rebuilt with tenacious resolve to make the Observers pay for their loss in order to succeed in their mission? It would seem that the answer to all these questions is a resounding affirmative. As much as Etta was a resource and a weapon to use in the fight, she was also a liability. Her presence alone would have bound the hearts of her parents and stopped them from doing anything and everything to win.

War is unpleasant, ugly, and cruel. It spares no one. Lives will be lost. Bodies will be broken. And families destroyed. It is the price of winning. Our heroes will win, of that there is no doubt. But the price they will pay will be irreparable. And that is what makes them heroes. They will have sacrificed everything just so that others can have a future free of oppression and a chance at happiness.

But for today, we weep for their loss. Etta was a child but for a moment in their lives; then she was an adult that they cherished for a handful of days. The Bishops lost a piece of their heart, but the memory of their remarkable daughter will be forever engraved upon it. To Etta: she may not be a bullet to saved the world, but she will certainly be the reason the Bishops save the world. A girl, a daughter, a grand-daughter, a friend and a human “bullet” to strike right into the heart of the Observers and crush them for eternity. May we remember her sacrifice.

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A Few Final Thoughts About FRINGE’s Swan Song Season

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FRINGE has been an absolute miracle of a sci-fi show since its debut. The fact that it lasted to its fifth season is also a testament to its loyal and tenacious fanbase that followed it from timeslot to timeslot and even to the dreaded Friday nights. In fact,
“Fringe Fridays” became a destination for fans every Friday nights last year. Thus, it is with joy and exuberance that FRINGE will be celebrating its final 13 episodes of its fifth season continuing the same tradition.

As the extraordinary journey of FRINGE and its Fringe Division heroes comes to an end, it is only fitting to reflect back on its achievements and to ponder where the journey has taken us. The following interviews with executive producer J.H. Wyman and some of the cast show their excitement over what is still yet to come and the joy over what they have achieved:
Anna Torv interview:

Josh Jackson interview:

Jasika Nicole interview:

Executive producer J.H. Wyman interview:

As Joel emphasized, this final season is designed to be a “love letter” to the fans. He wanted to answer every possible remaining question he could, which he ruefully admitted was hard to do. He also understood how hard it is going to be to say goodbye to these characters, adored by fans and those who have brought this show to life. But all good things must come to an end, and so too does FRINGE.

With 13 final episodes to showcase and conclude this fine series, Joel felt that was enough to tell the story he has been dying to tell. FRINGE has always been a remarkable series carefully constructed with each season’s theme mapped out and making sure that it paid off. In addition, not only did the story arcs and themes have to work, there had to be emotional continuity. Each character traveled a specific path that led them to a specific point; and that is something he intends to continue through this final season. Thus, for season five, Walter, Peter and Olivia all must endure a final odyssey. So with emphasis on the ideas of: what are they experiencing, why is it being shown, and what is the purpose of it; hopefully all these stories and relationships will tie together like melodious movements in an orchestra.

Joel also promised that there will be an explanation why the entire Fringe Team was trapped in amber until the year 2036. Not only was that twist intended to be visually exciting, but it was a way of transporting the Fringe Team from the past to the future; for to be the saviors of our planet, they had to be preserved until they had the best chance of succeeding. So the story of the Observers and the amber is at the forefront of this next season, as the over-arching story will be about what the world is missing and what it needs.

The “happy accident” of this last season of FRINGE is that it is set up so that new fans can jump right in and without having seen a single episode of the prior four years, new viewers can figure out what is going on and join in the fun. Then for the more curious, they are welcome to watch episode 19 (“Letters of Transit”) from last season, or better yet to watch all the preceding four seasons. But this final season was meant to welcome all viewers, new and old.

Josh Jackson happily added that he was ready to say goodbye because the opportunity to properly finish the show is the rarest thing to happen in television. He also appreciates that FRINGE is getting the chance to tell the story they wanted to tell for the audience, which does not happen very often. So it is their final gift to the fans – giving them a proper goodbye. He was also excited that the show is finally exploring the idea of colonization by the Observers. After years of being observed, to be conquered and ruled is a very different feeling, which puts humans in the curious position of being rebels. This is a chance for them to reach outside their everyday lives and reclaim their planet from an invading, superior force. So while FRINGE has always felt like it was on the cutting edge of the future, and this is meeting it head-on. It also provides a unique way to give emotional payoff for these characters, many who have traveled through alternate realities and timelines to get where they are – and we get to see them finish their amazing journeys. So, for Josh, he is satisfied where the story ends, and is incredibly happy they get to tell their ending, for better or worse.

Then for co-star Jasika Nicole, her one regret is that her character Astrid never had a chance to prepare Astrid’s father for her disappearance. It worries her that he probably sat there wondering what happened to her when she never came home. But perhaps that haunting emotion is intended as it resonates through the next season; that vacancy felt by the world and the people who cared about them when the Fringe Division was trapped in the amber and what happened because of it. She also acknowledged that this final season is all about the urgency of what our Fringe heroes must accomplish because there is so much at stake. The entire world has gone downhill and it is up to our heroes to reverse the effects of it; and for those who watched Episode 19 from last season (“Letters of Transit”), that is where the 5th season picks up. With so little time to tell the story they want to tell, she emphasized that each episode will feel like a roller coaster ride rushing towards the end. But FRINGE is a show that intends to go out with a big bang; never quietly into the night.

Anna Torv also said that she felt it was extraordinarily fortunate that they knew going into fifth season that it was going to be their last and that they did not squander a moment of it and simply sprinted towards the end. Thus, she is incredibly excited to focus on Olivia for this final journey and to see where it ends.

And for Lance Reddick, he simply forewarned that Broyles will surprise us this season — in who he is. He recommended that fans keep careful watch for Broyles and to pay attention when he does.

FRINGE is about to embark on its final journey and you are invited to take this extraordinary journey with them. Humankind is having to reclaim their planet from the mysterious Observers and it will be a fascinating fight. Take this final adventure and discover how it all ends. FRINGE’s fifth and final season begins Friday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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