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Jennifer’s List of Top 5 TV Shows for 2013

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It was so hard to pick just a few top shows from 2013 when there were so many! But these are the TV shows that jumped to mind as I look back at what I enjoyed from this past year:

(1)  REIGN (CW) – REIGN is the perfect combination of addictively engaging writing (an amazing storyline and sophisticated dialogue), stunning visualizations (from the gorgeous wardrobes to the creative sets and stunning locations); it is a delight for all your senses. Instantly addictive, REIGN is the show that you need to be watching.

Orlando Jones, Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

Orlando Jones, Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

(2) SLEEPY HOLLOW (Fox) – Never has the character of Ichabod Crane engaged you like this. From the iconic short-story of the man who fought the Headless Horseman, comes the series you do not want to miss. With the inclusion of actual bits of history, biblical references and fantastical science fiction, SLEEPY HOLLOW will leave you craving more, not only the supernatural, but storylines that will amaze your intellectual mind.

(3) ALMOST HUMAN (Fox) – ALMOST HUMAN brings two of the most in-depth characters on television; one is a human man and one is an, almost human, android. This show is not only thrilling and exciting with its storylines and visual effects, but leaves you asking:  who-is-teaching-who to be more human.

Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

(4) ONCE UPON A TIME (ABC) – In the land of fairytales, ONCE UPON A TIME invites you to examine:  who is truly “good” and who is truly “evil”?  ONCE UPON A TIME introduces our favorite fairytale characters from a different perspective. For example, the Evil Queen is willing to sacrifice herself for her adoptive son; Peter Pan is the most evil of them all; and we are all rooting for Captain Hook to win the girl and be our hero.  It is an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable deviation of the traditional fairytales…and we can’t wait to see what is next!

(5) ARROW (CW) – Amazing writing, amazing acting, amazing fight scenes and just about everything else that is amazing on television, and it comes together in one of the best shows on television. From its complex and enjoyable storylines, ARROW is for both television and comic book fans alike. Its superhero characters are not only enjoyable to watch, but you are able to relate to them as you continue to root for them. (Plus: Oliver and Felicity forever!)

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Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)


We Shine the Spotlight on ONCE UPON A TIME’s Tinkerbell and MASTERS OF SEX Star Rose McIver

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In a rare achievement for any actor, Rose McIver is currently starring in two television airing on the same night. Sunday nights belong to Rose as she rules the screen as both Tinkerbell in ONCE UPON A TIME and as Vivian Scully in Showtime’s MASTERS OF SEX. Fans may not even recognize her in the two roles as they are so dramatically different. But the gifted young actress is ruling Sundays between the two roles, and she is having the time of her life. In a recent exclusive interview, Rose talked about the fun of portraying Tinkerbell and Vivian, as well as previewing what is next for her characters on both shows.

What drew you to the role of Tinkerbell on ONCE UPON A TIME?
ROSE: I had watched a couple episodes of ONCE UPON A TIME and it looked like a lot of fun and I had gone in to meet the casting director beforehand and was not told that I was auditioning for the role of Tinkerbell. I was told that I was auditioning for a role as a fairy. They can be quite cryptic sometimes as they don’t want spoilers out there about who is coming. So I actually did not know I was auditioning for it. Then I got this call from my agent and found out I got the role of Tinkerbell. So that was a bit of a pleasant surprise. Then I went up to Vancouver the following week and it’s been a good, fun ride so far.

This particular version of Tinkerbell is a little different. For one, she doesn’t have her wings at the moment and she seems a bit cantankerous. What is that like to play?
ROSE: It’s a lot of fun. What I think is nice about Tinkerbell is she’s very scrappy and moody, but well-intentioned. I think everything she does comes from not a bad place. She tried to save somebody’s life by helping Regina (Lana Parrilla) fall in love, and because of that got sorely reprimanded by the Blue Fairy. So I think that she knows that she was trying to do the right thing and feels a little like the world has been unfair to her, and I thin her being cantankerous comes from that — which I can completely understand. She’s quite justified. She’s lost her wings, she’s lost her identity. The goal is to get them back. And you’ll have to watch the show to see if that will happen or how that develops. But I can completely understand where she’s coming from. You have to playing a character. You have to empathize and understand why they do the things they do. I know that in the earliest creation of Tinkerbell in the story of Peter Pan and Wendy, Tinkerbell was pint-sized and was only able to have one emotion at a time. So she could either be incredibly jealous or incredibly angry or incredibly forgiving and those things moved the thematic breaks through her. So I tried to use a little bit of that in my performance playing Tinkerbell in ONCE UPON A TIME. Not entirely because they like the characters to be very grounded and quite a lot more real than we have seen them in various forms. But there’s definitely elements of Tinkerbell that are quite thematic.

What would you say has surprised you in playing this version of her?
ROSE: I think her being so close to the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla). I obviously did not see that coming from the earlier stories I had read. So her kind of being a girl’s side-kick was quite new. Then there’s some interesting things with Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Pan (Robbie Kay). The relationships with both those characters is a different from the original idea in the story and fairytale. So I think there’s a lot of surprises in store for the audience.

In the classic story, Tinkerbell was kind of in a tug-of-war between Hook and Pan. She was aligned with Peter Pan, but Hook was always after her. Is Tinkerbell still in the middle between the two in this story?
ROSE: She definitely has relationships and ties to both characters in this as well. But I think they are not necessarily in the way you’re going to expect them.

Her relationship with Hook in this version seems a bit laced with history. Do they have some sort of long-standing history that we’re going to find out about?
ROSE: We do. We find out some of it. I don’t know all of it yet. That’s what is exciting about working on a show like this. You know nothing and they surprise you with each script that you are given. So it has been development a lot more different than I was expecting and who knows what is to come.

Do you ever have an inclination like you just want to smack Pan in this particular version? He just seems like he is so insidious.
ROSE: Yeah, I do! (Laughs) Except Robbie Kay is a sweetheart and an absolutely lovely actor to work with. He’s got that great thing that when he’s on screen, you resent him and you cannot believe what he’s doing. But as soon as the camera stops rolling, he’s an absolute darling and you wouldn’t wish a bad thing upon him. It’s a nice fusion.

Which character would you have liked to have had more scenes with or are hoping to have more scenes with?
ROSE: That’s tough because I am involved with a part of the show which has a very ensemble element. They are all banding together to work to get Henry back. So I was actually able to work with a lot of the other cast. You know who I haven’t seen on screen and who I would love to interact with is Joanna Garcia [Swisher], who is playing Ariel. I think that would be a lot of fun. I really love her as a person and think she does a great job with the character. So fingers crossed that can come up in the future.

What can you tease about what is upcoming on ONCE UPON A TIME?
ROSE: You know what? That’s a dangerous question! You’ll see a lot more of Tinkerbell. You’ll see her in different contexts and in different time periods.

Turning to MASTERS OF SEX, it must be interesting for you to be on two different shows airing on the same night.
ROSE: It’s been a real blessing actually. Both premiered on the same date, so it was an exciting weekend for me knowing that those two shows were going to air. I have just enjoyed them both so much and in different ways. I mean, they are obviously vastly different. I filmed MASTERS OF SEX earlier in the year, so I wasn’t filming them simultaneously, which has actually been great. With such different characters to jump between, it’s been nice that since I’ve been playing Tinkerbell that I’m only playing Tinkerbell and I’ve been able to embrace it. Then Sunday nights I catch up on what I was doing earlier in the year in the 1950s in the study of sexual behavior and development.

These roles are so diametrically opposite. How do you go about selecting your roles?
ROSE: That is really what is the attraction — just going for things that are so opposite. Something I haven’t done before. I think every actor really craves variety. Most actors that I know, that’s what drew them to this job in the first place: the love of being able to house a different character for a period of time and be somebody else, then change into somebody completely different. To learn about a context and a time period and an environment. So it’s been wonderful to play these two characters. I was again looking for something that was along an entirely different line.

When you first saw the script for MASTERS OF SEX, what drew you to the role of Vivian?
ROSE: My audition scene for it was the scene where she’s explaining to Haas (Nicholas D’Agosto) that she remembers him from her birthday, and I thought, “This character is really interesting.” She’s a young girl. She’s the daughter of a man in power in the story. There’s great stakes because of that and because she’s trying to enter into a relationship with someone who is a dangerous character. He’s a playboy. He’s a womanizer. And specifically I wanted to know with her belief in marriage and her belief in relationships, how much she was really behind it or whether that was something society had pushed upon her. So I think it plays with those idea. It’s not definitive. It’s explorative and I really liked that.

It’s hard to describe the relationship between Vivian and Ethan. How would you describe it having played the character?
ROSE: I think they are a heartbreaking combination between somebody who does really have the world ahead of her. She has not yet had an experience to steer her away from the idea that you can be with your first true love. She’s quite doe-eyed about it in some ways. So while she does play with elements of manipulation and understanding her father’s role in Ethan Haas’ life, I think she is very out of her depth and doesn’t really deserve what she is walking into — that he is in love with another woman and is very explosive. So it doesn’t bode well for her character. There’s things coming up in the next couple of weeks which are very developmental for her storyline. It’s a very heartbreaking period. Very star-crossed lovers.

Because the show is based on real people, you’re not quite sure as you are watching it, how much you should be rooting for them?
ROSE: It’s a nice fusion of historical research and the whole premise of the show is obviously based around that — those studies. The drama and the narrative does kind of stray from that in some moments. Like my character is not part of the historical story or the biography that was written about them. So there’s some license. It’s nice to play a character that serves themes and ideas and still be very creative and express whatever the story needs for her to help the other characters. There’s a license of freedom because she’s not based on a true person that is quite luxurious.

If you could give Vivian some advice, what would it be?
ROSE: “Tread carefully. Guard your heart. You don’t know the big wide world as well as you think you do.” But also, “True insight comes from within.” You only learn those things as you learn them. From everyone I know that I interact with on a day to day basis, you can’t really tell someone else how to do something or how to feel. They have to go through the fire to get through to the other side. I’m not hopeful for her, but I hope she’s stronger from what she experiences.

What was it like working with Allison Janey and Beau Bridges?
ROSE: Those two in particular, I just have so much respect for. With them playing Vivian’s mom and dad, I felt Vivian was from pretty good stock. I was really fortunate. Allison is somebody I look up to a lot as an actor, and as a woman, I think she has a really good handle on her life and on the way she works professionally. So it was incredibly nice to go to work everyday.

Any teasers on what’s upcoming for Vivian on MASTERS OF SEX?
ROSE: Vivian is incredibly fixated on the idea of a relationship and marriage. I think that these things are cooking and heating up to a point where something’s going to give. It’s going to change one way or another. In these next couple of episodes, there’s some very big changes that happen, and how she handles those will be very interesting, very telling.

To see how the unexpected stories of Tinkerbell and Vivian continue to play out and what surprises are in store, be sure to watch ONCE UPON A TIME on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC, and MASTERS OF SEX on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime.

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ONCE UPON A TIME: A Trip to Neverland Uncovers Mermaids, Lost Boys and Creepy Dolls

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"Once Upon A Time"

“Once Upon A Time”

When the fairytale series ONCE UPON A TIME first debuted it was lauded to be from LOST writers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis.  Surprisingly, by season 3, there is a lot more in common between the two shows than one would have initially suspected.  In Season 1, there was Regina’s Storybrooke curse which at first glance seemed to resemble LOST’s smoke-monster as it was unleashed.  Then in Season 3, there is an actual mystical island filled with all kinds of supernatural and unexpected things.  There’s “lost boys” which remind us distinctly of LOST’s “the others,” lots of lush tropical foliage that seems to go in circles and is constantly rustling with foreboding danger, and but all accounts from everyone who goes there, it is equivalent to purgatory itself. Plus, there’s Peter Pan, who definitely feels very other-worldly.  Even Hook describes Peter Pan as, “He may look like a boy, but he’s a bloody demon.”  Peter Pan is Neverland’s a non-benevolent being that gives everyone nightmares; even Rumplestiltskin shudders at the thought of encountering him.

ONCE UPON A TIME’s journey to Neverland is anything but a peaceful journey to a world of constant delight. It is a place everyone seeks to avoid at all costs.  Thus, when Greg and Tamara kidnapped Henry and took him off to Neverland at the behest of Home Office, little did they suspect what was really going on.  Right away, they will see how naive they were to believe that this was a trip to eliminate magic.

Simultaneous to Greg, Tamara and Henry’s journey to Neverland, hot on their heels are wrathful and protective team of Regina, Emma, Snow, Charming, Gold and Hook.  With their magical powers restored, both Regina and Gold are itching for the chance to demonstrate their newfound abilities.  In addition, while their goals may be temporarily aligned in recovering Henry, none are too anxious to spend too much time together.  Though Hook seems only too happy to aid in Emma’s quest now that he thinks the path to heart may be clear with Neal out of the picture.

Yet no one should be so quick to dismiss Neal.  He is Rumplestiltskin’s son after all, and he quickly learns “that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.”  Learning he has a family to fight for and return to has inspired Neal to embrace a bit of his own destiny.

Season 3 of ONCE UPON A TIME is all about “belief.”  Who do we believe we are?  The season will take each of the characters on a journey through their own pasts to help shed light on who they each are and why.  Creators and executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz explain that only by remembering their pasts and learning from those experiences will each of the characters be saved from repeating it.  So in exploring the theme of “belief” we will see the impact it has on each character — whether they believe, what they believe and whether they should believe.  For Neverland runs on “belief.”

"Once Upon A Time"

“Once Upon A Time”

In a recent press Q&A, Eddy and Adam candidly shared a few teasers on what Season 3 holds in store for our Storybrooke heroes:


ADAM:  “Neverland is a prism through which we can see the characters hopefully more clearly, and as you saw in these first couple of episodes, we’re peeling back the layers for all of them — and hopefully that is what we’ll continue to do as we move forward.”

Peter Pan

EDDY:  “For us, our characters are all looking for a happy ending.  They’re looking for love.  It’s just what choices do you use to get them. “
ADAM:  “What we said before on the show in Season 1 is that ‘evil isn’t born, it’s made’ and I think that applies to all the villains, including Peter Pan.”
EDDY:  “But he is a sick, twisted kid. You saw that Rumplestiltskin, who up until this point has been the nastiest of our villains and the most clever, when he says it’s someone he’s frightened of — I’m frightened of him. . . He gets in your head and says, ‘Oh, what are you most insecure about? I’m really going to exploit that.’  . . For us, it came from a character place which is somebody who refuses to grow has to have a lot of problems.”

Lost Boys

EDDY:  “The Lost Boys kind of have a Lord of the Flies situation going on.”


ADAM:  “Henry is a very resourceful and independent boy who his now going to be thrown into a situation where that will not only be tested, but not just deal with as we have seen him deal with before in finding a way to escape, he’s now dealing with a psychological test — ’cause Pan as we’ve seen likes to mess with your head. What’s going to happen when Henry is face to face with the ultimate manipulator?”
EDDY:  “The thing that makes Henry so great is his belief.  He believed enough in a book to get on a bus, to go to Boston and convince this woman who gave him up for adoption in a prison in Phoenix, to come back because Snow White and Charming needed to remember who they were — and it worked.  So this is a world where belief is going to be used against him.”

Colin O'Donoghue (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

Colin O’Donoghue (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

Captain Swan: Hook and Emma

ADAM:  “The whole relationship ‘ship’ thing is an awesome thing that the fans bring to the experience in the show, but the story we’re telling encompasses both the relationships between all the characters and potential romances, and the bigger emotional story as well.”
EDDY:  “Obviously, they think Neal is dead. Obviously, Hook is a man that likes ladies, and as we saw last year when they climbed the bean stalk, Emma certainly has captured his heart a little bit. But at the same respect, Neal is fighting like hell to get a second chance with her. And right now Emma is focused on getting Henry. She’s not somebody who likes to let her walls down. Her heart has been broken too many times to be worried about dating right now.”


EDDY:  “We’re not going to see it for awhile.”
ADAM:  “It’s going to be a little while before we’re actually in Storybrooke.  But in this first half of this season, it will be limited to flashbacks or (SPOILER) as we saw in the second episode.”


EDDY: “In the Peter Pan book they were only nice to Peter and they were saucy, and we like our mermaids saucy! When we were coming up with this, we just loved the idea that this was who they were attacked by and that was kind of symbolic of Neverland — it’s not what we think it is.”


Eddy describes her as, “the spirit of somebody who wants to see the world and wants to experience things outside of what they know.”  Look for Joanna Garcia to appear as Ariel in Episode 306 entitled “Ariel.”


ADAM:  “We’ll be seeing her very soon in Episode 303.”

The Darlings

ADAM:  “They are so integral to the Peter Pan story. We have not forgotten about them.  There is a connection and a tie in to what we’re doing that will catch up with them as well.”

The Charmings

ADAM:  “They are an unusual family in that there’s this odd age thing going on between them.  They are the same age and they have been separated for many, many years and now they’re thrown together on a mission and really for the first time in an enclosed kind of space they are able to deal with and sort out so many of these issues they really haven’t had a chance to address yet.”
EDDY:  “For Snow and Charming, they realize at this moment that their daughter doesn’t really look to them for parental guidance and that’s something that’s hard to get. They are realizing in a lot of ways that they need to earn it. . . What is hard for the Charmings is realizing that their daughter grew up without hope and that they have to instill it back in her — and how do you do that when her son is kidnapped and you’re in a place that is making you confront your past.  ‘Cause she has more in common with the Lost Boys than she does with Snow and Charming.”
ADAM:  “We tried to crystalize it at the start of the premiere with that scene where from Emma’s point of view, ‘Since I’ve been back, your lives have sucked,’ but from Mary-Margaret and David’s point of view, ‘No, it’s been great. We’re back and we’re a family.’  And now they have these challenges to overcome in order to be together and be a family.”


EDDY:  “Come hell or high water, Neal is going to find a way to get back to Neverland.”

Rumplestiltskin’s Father

ADAM:  “Whatever happened to Rumplestiltskin in his past is really kind of creating a lot of the problems he’s dealing with today.”
EDDY:  “It’s something we’re going to see this year… This is a man who wants to break the cycle of his past.  He wants to be a good father.  But it’s like that quote:  ‘I can resist everything but temptation.’  That’s also his weakness.”
ADAM:  “He keeps getting drawn into doing terrible things.”
EDDY:  “He’s a difficult man to love, as he said.  So when you begin to love him, he does something so awful that you go, ‘ah man.'”
ADAM:  That’s the think with Rumple, he may love his son or his grandson — yet like with (SPOILER), he still rips her heart out.”

Rumple’s Prophecy

EDDY:  “There was a prophecy and the prophecy said that the boy would be his undoing.  So it seems to me that [Rumple] left determined to do the right thing, but he was offered a deal — he is offered many temptations and now he doesn’t even have to kill the boy.  He just has to leave an island.”
ADAM:  “The little character posters we have been releasing and the Rumple one says:  ‘Believe you can change fate.’ Whether you can or can’t, that is kind of a core dilemma for him.  He is being whipped back and forth by this prophecy which tells that the boy will be his undoing and the fact that the boy is his blood.  What are his priorities? What’s he going to do?  How will he wiggle his way out of this?  Can he wiggle his way out of it?”


Lana Parrilla (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

Lana Parrilla (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

Robin Hood

EDDY:  “We’re very excited to have Sean [Maguire].  As you saw, he’s a great Robin Hood.  He has a great take on it, and Robin Hood’s story is just kind of beginning.  You’re going to get a little of him at the start of this year and we’re definitely going to get a lot of him in the second half. He’s a character we’re really excited about ’cause he’s a thief, but he’s a thief with honor.  Sean really just brings a great sense of honor and code to him, but a sense of playfulness which we think Robin Hood needs.”


EDDY:  “It’s a world that’s part of the ONCE UPON A TIME universe, but there’s no immediate plans to delve deep into it.”
ADAM:  “It’s not a world that we see as off-limits.  We have Merlin in our closet.”


ADAM:  “I would say that belief is really kind of the theme of the season so far and we’re seeing how belief impacts on each one of our characters.”
EDDY:  “For us, belief is so important in everything.  You need to believe in magic.  You need to believe in yourself.  You need to believe in family.  And Neverland runs on belief.  So for us that was the uber-theme.”
ADAM:  “We’ve tried to make a hopeful show about belief with all the obstacles that come from disbelievers and cynics in the world and all those things that tell you to not believe in magic and the world is a terrible, terrible place.  We want to try to find a way to find that light.”
EDDY:  “For us, this is a show for believers — and that is a show about hope.”

One final thought-provoking question is posed in Season 3 of ONCE UPON A TIME is posed by Regina when she asks Hook: “Villains don’t get happy endings?” and he says, “I hope that’s not true or what is the point of living.”  Everyone needs hope that they can change their fate — that they are not doomed to live their lives alone, without love and unredeemed.  It’s that power of belief and hope that compels them to try to be better and to seek out love.  These are things that Season 3 offers for heroes and villains alike.  A very curious quest and an adventure worth living!

ONCE UPON A TIME returns for its 3rd season on Sunday, September 29th at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.  All our favorite heroes and villains are back!

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"Once Upon A Time"

“Once Upon A Time”

"Once Upon A Time"

“Once Upon A Time”

Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

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