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FALLING SKIES: New Aliens, New Allies, New Enemies and Lots of Explosive Secrets

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"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

When we last saw our heroes, they had been welcomed into Charleston, albeit in the most rocky and mistrustful fashion.  For not only had our heroes not come alone, they had brought a mutual enemy to the Charleston doorstep.  Rebel skitters or not, the survivors in Charleston were not quite ready to align with an alien species – even one that would help them fight back against the Espheni.  In the previous two seasons, our heroes not only fought off skitters and their never-ending stream of mechs, they had managed to strike back against the Espheni overlords.  They had proven that it was possible to fight for the planet; and the war was not over yet.  That kind of triumph of human spirit and ingenuity made Charleston take notice of the 2nd Mass.

"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

So as the third season opens, time has not stood still and it is seven months later.  The time in between has been a time of rest, recuperation and rediscovering the joy of human connection.  The blossoming romances of Tom (Noah Wyle) and Anne (Moon Bloodgood), as well as Maggie (Sarah Carter) and Hal (Drew Roy), have moved from tentative declarations of feelings to the stage of established cohabitation.  Life on the run taught all of them to embrace those they love and hold onto them tight.  So while love is in the air and there is the bloom of happiness on each, peace remains elusive.  The Espheni are not pleased that the rebels have continued to recruit and rebuild; nor that they have found a new ally.

In the last scene of the second season, a new alien species had made its way to Earth.  The Volm had arrived – and they were not on friendly terms with the Espheni.  The classic saying of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” seems to have played a vital role with the arrival of the Volm.  But the question remains, can the Volm really be trusted?  Are they aligning with the Charleston survivors out of altruism to help overthrow the Espheni, or are they looking for a way to eradicate their competing enemy for a planet rich in resources?

"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

There is still a lot of fear hovering over them all.  Tom has taken a leadership position that places a multitude of demands on his time; but all he wants to do is spend the time he can with Anne and their new baby on the way.  The Mason boys Hal, Ben (Connor Jessup) and Matt (Maxim Knight) have found ways to occupy their time and yet it always seems to lead each of them into all kinds of trouble.  Hal’s world was rocked by a crippling disability and being infected by the alien eye-bug has not made it easy in the battle for his own body and mind.  Ben is torn by the offer to be freed from the spikes, but lose his enhanced abilities. And Matt is in desperate need of some quality supervision to keep him out of mischief.

Then we dare not forget about the strong women of the 2nd Mass.  Maggie’s full time job is keeping an eye on Hal, to make sure he does not pose a threat to himself or others. Then Anne is about ready to bring a new life into the world and she is anxious to see that her baby is healthy, strong and safe from all the unknown threats still lurking nearby.  And not to be forgotten is Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel), who has readily stepped up and taken over the survivors’ medical needs as Anne is forced to rest.

"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

But with each step forward, there remains danger from all sides.  With a tragic death comes the realization that there is a mole in their camp and someone is not only selling out their secrets and jeopardizing their missions, but that the traitor will not hesitate to take a life.  While fingers are quick to be pointed at the new allies, viewers will see that the shadowed assassin looks distinctly human.

Fear, uncertainty and distrust begins to erode the carefully constructed alliances and puts everyone on edge.  This next season is all about who to trust and why.

Yet even with a traitor in their midst and tensions high, unexpected new friends also surface that will give them a reason to have hope that they can still go forward with their plans to show the Espheni that continuing to occupy Earth is a losing proposition.  Plus, as the resistance grows, as new tools are discovered, more and more weaknesses of the Espheni are revealed.  The occupying aliens are not infallible or invincible.

"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

Fortunately for the 2nd Mass and the Charleston survivors, Tom Mason never doubts for one second in the humans’ ability to reclaim their planet; and, miraculously and step-by-step, they are doing just that.

The third season of FALLING SKIES takes viewers back into the murky and dangerous world of aliens, freedom fighters, and explosive weaponry.  The fight for the planet continues and the war never stops.  Seeing what happens next will surprise, delight and shock everyone.  A few fun teasers:  keep a close eye on Hal and Anne’s baby.  All is definitely not right in the world and they are instrumental in figuring it all out.  Also, look for the fun introduction of Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. Gidare, who offers a unique skill set to help the rebels.

To see all the fun surprises, be sure to tune in for the 2-hour third season premiere of FALLING SKIES on Sunday, June 9th at 9:00 p.m. on TNT.

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"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

"Falling Skies"

“Falling Skies”

Moon Bloodgood and Colin Cunningham Preview the Parallel Journeys of Anne and Pope in the 2nd Season of FALLING SKIES

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When Tom Mason returns to the 2nd Mass, not everyone is going to welcome him with open arms. Missing for over 3 months and presumed dead because he was last seen entering an alien spaceship, it is natural for the surviving humans to be a bit leery of the lost hero. In a recent press conference call, co-stars Moon Bloodgood and Colin Cunningham talked about how their characters Anne and Pope will struggle over trust issues involving the reappearance of the 2nd Mass’ former leader.

In this next season, is there going to be any major differences for your characters that we should be on the lookout for?
MOON: I would say Anne’s changes are not as drastic. I think that Anne’s relationship with Tom gets a more adult-quality to it. We definitely have our first fight and I believe that I’m allowed to say that the relationship gets consummated. But I wouldn’t say that my character goes through drastic changes. I think you’re just seeing more character development, more layers, and more of how I am relating to the Mason boys and to Lourdes who is played by Seychelle Gabriel. So more just building relationships there.
COLIN: I’d say the same thing. I think the relationship between Pope and the professor finally does become consummated. I am just kidding! But I think for Pope, they take the edgy stuff and I think they embellish it all the more. If anything I think this season isn’t so much different. I think the characters are still doing what they were doing last year. The stakes are just way, way higher. The show itself is darker. It’s more intense. So you’re going to see more.
MOON: More science fiction.
COLIN: Yes, and just more extreme in terms of just the acting and what these characters have to go through, so which I am really looking forward to seeing.

Moon Bloodgood

What are you both most excited about having the audience see in the second season?
MOON: I think I am really proud of some of the stuff that happens with Ben Mason. Like I think he fills out the character and with a lot of science fiction stuff happening that is really edgy. I am excited for people to get those surprises. I think that kind of stuff is always exciting because I am such a science fiction fan. So it’s always exciting to know that there’s some really good surprises coming.
COLIN: For me, it’s to simply see the show because we’re excited. When we get the scripts we’re excited. Then when we shoot the scenes and then we go on to do additional dialogue recording, audio stuff, we’re again incredibly excited to see what we see. That said, what I am dying for is just to be able to talk about with other people who have seen it. So, if anything, that’s the tough part right now, I think for all of us, is that we’re not able to share what we’ve seen up to now.

It seemed like Pope was becoming a little bit of a better guy in season one and then in season two, it starts to seem a little iffy again. What do think it will take to soften him up and really bring his humanity back?
COLIN: Wow, well in a way, it’s like I hope it doesn’t ever happen because I think it would make perhaps make him less complicated, less interesting. But they don’t. I wouldn’t say he becomes softer. If anything he becomes a little bit harder, and a little bit more Pope. Because again, with the show this year, I think the stakes are even higher. It’s even more extreme. It’s dirtier. It’s angrier. It’s edgier. It’s pretty hardcore — and I think within that environment is where he feels most comfortable.
MOON: I also want to add that I think the pull about your character you get to say the things that everyone’s thinking, but no one wants to say.
COLIN: Correct.
MOON: You confront certain characters and yet you’re still part of the group. You’re not kicked out. But you get to be the bold one.
COLIN: Yes, Pope isn’t encumbered or strapped down by things such as compassion and empathy. It’s just like he thinks very, very clearly and he doesn’t have all the things that make us human – well, he certainly does — but in a “dog eat dog” life and death kind of environment he sees things very, very clear.

Colin Cunningham

In start of season two, there are not only the issues of distrust with Pope when Tom comes back, but also all the changes in Ben. Does Pope distrust Ben as much as the rest of the 2nd Mass?
COLIN: Pope absolutely positively does not trust Ben. He barely trusts the professor. I think he respects the professor, but I don’t think he necessarily trusts anybody. He sure as hell doesn’t trust Ben . . . I think it’s a wonderful arc that the character Ben has — that he’s going to butting heads with not only other people that look at him differently, but the horror within his own mind is that he looks upon himself differently.
MOON: I definitely feel like Pope and Anne are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. She is always the supportive woman who stands by her man — who believes the best in people. I think she is hopeful and optimistic and never questions their loyalty and Pope is kind of saying everything that everyone’s thinking in the room, but he has the balls so to speak to say it. So we’re definitely opposing in that way. And Anne, even if she has doubts, it’s always kept hidden because her role is very maternal. She is just someone who doesn’t dwell in negativity or her insecurities. I mean, she’s like the ultimate woman: always think positive, always believing, and always being stoic at times.

For Anne’s character, do you feel that she feels a little bit conflicted taking care of Matt and Ben, given the loss of her own son?
MOON: Sometimes I wished we’d played with that a little bit more. My relationship with them is actually a little less this year. More of my maternal aspect is with Lourdes, who is played by Seychelle Gabriel. I think that there has to be that conflict — if you’ve lost a son and now you’re taking care of someone else’s young boys — there’s got to be some conflict. We do really lightly brush on that some of my history. But there’s not tons of backstory in a lot of our stories. It just weaves in and out. But how could you not be if you’ve lost your husband and you lost your son? Then you are forced to take care of other people and be selfless and not think about your own pain, which is not very realistic, but that’s definitely Anne’s role.

What can you say about the Berserkers I know the season starts off with them being in Pope’s group. Does Anne have any interactions with them as the season goes on?
MOON: I don’t get any good stuff with you, Colin!
COLIN: Yes, I think it’s kind of weird, I think.
MOON: We never really interact.
COLIN: Yes, we never really did together. It is unfortunate that Moon and I haven’t been able to share too much camera time together. It either running away from something or what have you, and even that’s rare. In terms of the Berserkers, it’s sort of a really cool bunch of characters that they brought in into the mix. They’re essentially a bunch of rebels and a bunch of people that are similar to Pope in many ways. They were a kind of outcasts or rebels or they just don’t quite fit in, and they serve a pretty unique purpose within the realms of the 2nd Mass.

Noah Wyle

Colin, you mentioned how Pope is going to be harder this season, but are we’re going to see any more interactions between him and young Matt Mason?
COLIN: Well, it’s weird sometimes. I don’t know this, so this is how I answer these questions. If the answer is “no” — am I giving it away and if it’s “yes,” am I giving it away? But the answer is “no.” I wish there was, but I think we explored that and I was very happy to see that last year. I think, if anything, it reiterated the fact that Pope thinks to himself, “Screw this. Screw everyone. I don’t give a damn about the kid or anything.” I think it may have hurt him a little bit and it only reaffirmed the fact that if you get to close to people, you just get burned.

Besides each other, is there anybody else that you kind of wish you had more scenes with that you don’t get to interact a lot with?
MOON: I would love to have more stuff with Will Patton. I love all my stuff with Lourdes. I think what I am hoping for more, if we go in third season, is that the relationship that hasn’t been touched upon for instance: like Colin and I, or my relationship with the boys. I think I’d like to see every character on our show interact with characters that they haven’t interacted with because that makes it more full. I mean, this is not how it would happen in a community. You wouldn’t just have relationships with two people — especially if I am a doctor and I am taking care of all these wounded people. I would have more interaction and more relationships. So hopefully in Season 3 we’ll see those kind of relationships and interactions of get more flushed out.
COLIN: For me, personally as an actor, I simply adore any scenes that I am able to do with Noah. I think he’s absolutely brilliant on that note. I haven’t really had a whole lot with Will Patton as well. I would love to work more with Will in terms of the story or the character. I really think that Matt and Pope have a great dynamic — more of that essentially of the lion and the lamb. It’s a pretty dangerous and just really, really interesting dynamic how you’ve got someone who can inhabit such a danger with someone who’s just so sweet and innocent.

Do we get to see anything of Pope’s and Maggie’s past explored this season?
COLIN: It is. We kind of skirt around it, which is all the more interesting, I think to us. Nothings actually laid out in concrete. But certainly Sarah Carter — the wonderful Sarah Carter — and I spend a lot of time discussing our history and all that kind of stuff. So even when the lines are written a certain way, we’re often playing subtext that hasn’t yet really been even revealed to us by the writers. But it’s a wonderful complexity that I think they brought into the season and they keep it there just at arm’s distance, which is wonderful considering the fact that her relationship with Hal continues to grow and yet she still got this past that she has to deal with.

Moon Bloodgood and Noah Wyle

Did you have a favorite scene to shoot this season?
MOON: I had a couple of things that terrified me. But I would say my favorite is I got to back into my action-roots and do some stuff that was really physical, and that felt really liberating. I kind of missed it and I didn’t even know it. So there’s definitely an episode where I get to do some stuff that is more action oriented and not too fun. I felt like a really good release for me.
COLIN: For me, one of my favorite scenes this season was an interaction between Pope and Tom Mason. It’s essentially a fight, and there’s no Skitters and there’s no guns and there’s no VFX. It’s basically just two characters that have finally had enough of each other. That was pretty cool. I believe that was episode 3. I don’t know if it was just a lot of fun to do because it was just actor with actor, but I think I loved that.

You did a lot of moving around this season since you didn’t have a set location like last year. Did that make it harder for you to act in your environment or did you find it refreshing to be moving around?
COLIN: It’s both. It’s absolutely harder. It’s freezing cold. You’re very, very tired. It’s not glamorous. It can be a real drag — and that’s not just for us that’s for everybody. You’re working ridiculous hours because things take longer when you’re shooting on location. That said it does show up on camera — you do look tired and it’s just all the more real.
MOON: The stuff that you’re saying, that’s true. Because I feel like that’s like the “spoiled actor” saying that. But you’re in the grime and it suits the character. So it’s perfect. But it is so totally exhausting. It’s cold one day — working at night one day — working in the day — but it’s perfect because it makes your characters that much more realistic. And it’s part of the gig. In the end we love it. I like being more mobile. Because last year when I was stuck in that high school, it just got a little stagnant at times and I also thought it didn’t reflect the realism it is a post-apocalyptic environment. You’d constantly be on the run. You’re trying to outrun your predators. So I’d liked it this year. It definitely felt a little bit more fluid for me.
COLIN: I’d say like on other shows, as an actor, that the great privilege is that it’s not only an amazing but you actually get to have fun – and on FALLING SKIES’ 2nd season it was incredibly amazing. I mean amazing and worthwhile — the work and the scenes . But it wasn’t a light-hearted fun thing. It was tough. I think it took brought the best out of everybody because you had to rise up.

Will Patton

How difficult was it to do the scene where Anne removes the alien bug out of Tom’s eye?
MOON: I got to tell you, as an actor, the difficult scenes for me to do are sometimes the ones that are more emotional. The stuff where I get to fight or scream, or pull things out of people’s eyes. I am like fearless. It doesn’t scare me. It excites me. It’s very physical. It’s so different. I am actually the opposite in that I am more scared of the emotional stuff that’s really vulnerable and close to your heart. So that stuff was fun. That was easy-peasy. I was more trying to make sure I just looked like I was a doctor, so I don’t know what the hell I was doing in front of Noah.

Can you talk about working with the green screen and the Skitter puppets and such like that?
COLIN: Well, I would say my experience with it is has been actually been very limited. I think we only did one episode where I personally work with the green screen. It’s actually not used all that much on FALLING SKIES. At least not my stuff.
MOON: It’s not. I haven’t had to use it a lot either. I don’t know why that is. I don’t feel like we do a lot, because we have the Skitters in a full puppet outfit. So it’s more in the flesh. But I actually I don’t mind green screen stuff. I feel like that stuff can use my imagination. It doesn’t bother me.
COLIN: But a lot of our locations are locations. We’re not on big giant sound stage. So whatever a lot of the special effects that you see, if it’s a Skitter battle in the middle of the street, there’s no green screens. So I mean, if anything, I think it’s a testament to the amazing VFX and the special effects people that put it together. They’re absolute masters of it.

Sarah Sanguin Carter

What were some of the things that if you knew you were coming back for a 3rd season that you wanted to do or what to see happen?
COLIN: Well, it’s so weird because I think up to the first season everybody was just so incredibly happy to be there and you almost don’t want to jinx it by wanting anything more different. You’re just really happy to be employed on a show of such caliber. But that’s said, if I had to say anything I want to ride more motorcycles.

Why do you think FALLING SKIES is doing so well while some of the other sci-fi based shows have failed in their first seasons. Do you think it’s writing that still keeps it strong and keeps it such a big following?
MOON: Yes, I do. I think what keeps our show afloat amongst the other shows that are sinking is that we have the human element. I mean it sounds like a cliché, but it’s always about the story and then the science fiction element of it. They don’t get carried away and it doesn’t get too self-indulgent. So I think it’s a good hybrid of story and good science fiction. So it’s exciting, but it’s not thin so I think that’s what our show offers.
COLIN: Also, it’s not procedural. I think people are — and again, God bless procedural dramas and cop shows and stuff — but it’s different. It’s not like we’ve all got bunch of expositions to speak and then the director shoots the two shots and then does two over the shoulders and we move on to the next set, which is rebuilt. If anything, it’s on location and it just doesn’t read like your typical TV show. So I think when people tune in to watch it that’s exactly what they get from the experience.
MOON: And we all love being a part of a show that feels more cinematic. None of us really want to do a procedural show.
COLIN: To add to that, I think a lot of the procedural shows are the same show every week, it’s just different characters. It’s just a different character saying the same exposition, whereas on FALLING SKIES none of us have any idea what the next script is going to be.

To see how Pope and Anne deal with their trust issues and how complicated life for the 2nd Mass has become now that they are on the run and effectively being hunted down by a ruthless enemy, be sure to tune in for the 2-hour second season premiere of FALLING SKIES on Sunday, June 17th at 9:00 p.m. on TNT.

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A Look Back at FALLING SKIES’ Shocks, Surprises and Dirty Little Secrets

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With the 2-hour explosive finale looming, this is a good time to reflect back on FALLING SKIES’ spectacular first season.  From the reveal of a third creepy alien species that may be running everything, to the fact that the Skitters may have once been humans just like us, the first season of FALLING SKIES has been a fantastic ride.

Initially, the series began merely as a story about a small group of survivors who were in the midst of retreating and regrouping — while they tried to find the supplies and weaponry they needed to escape complete annihilation.  But it quickly turned into a tale of how these few men and woman decided to return and enact their revenge on the aliens relentlessly pursuing them.

While the mantra:  ‘retreat, regroup, return, revenge’ sounded good in theory, when it was first spoken, it seemed that Tom Mason’s words were an illusory strategy – a hopeless goal in the face of superior fire power of the occupying aliens.  Yet over the course of the season, we saw that it was not superior weapons that mattered, but rather the question of: what were the weaknesses of their opponents?   The brains-over-brawn strategy seemed ideal given how invincible the aliens felt towards the inferior humans.

It was only after Tom captured one of the Skitters, allowing the survivors to study it, that they finally found a way that Skitters could be killed – but only if you got close enough to shove a knife up into its soft palate.  They also figured out that the Skitters were communicating via high frequency radio waves.  But, by far, the most revealing and starting discovery was when Dr. Anne Glass figured out that Skitters may have once been harnessed creatures themselves – either human or something else.  Skitters were not born Skitters, they were made that way.  It is a hair-raising sensation to think of the Skitters as once human.  Were they all converted humans?  Was that their terrible secret of the harnesses?  They were not merely to control and brain-wash the abducted children; they were used to actually transform children into monsters.  And if that is true, how can we fight them knowing that they were once someone’s child?  And is the process completely irreversible?  And if the Skitters were not the actual enemy, who was?

In the penultimate episode ‘What Hides Beneath,’ it was also discovered that the Skitters were not the true enemy.  It was the previously unknown and unseen tall, skinny and super creepy aliens that seemed to be running everything from behind the scenes.  The Skitters were just the worker-bees sent out to the front lines and to take all the risks with the aid of the mechanical Mechs, which seemed to be nothing more than a bucket of bolts hardwired into a computer brain.  So who exactly are these new beings and why do they hide?  Are they as bullet-proof as the Skitters and Mechs?  What is their weakness and what is their ultimate goal?  And why keep collecting human children to convert into Skitters if the entire planet were truly occupied and under alien control?

With the humans cut-off from each other and unable to effectively communicate without working electronics (thanks to the EMP blast the invaders first used to wipe-out Earth’s global communications), how was the 2nd Mass and the other rag-tag survivors to truly know what is going on around the planet?  Was there a war being waged thousands of miles away or around the globe and that was why the tall aliens held back and continued to hide their identity?

Whether there was a war still being waged, the 2nd Mass proved to be quite the thorn in the aliens’ side.  Unwilling to abandon their children, the survivors came back time-and-time again to rescue their children.  The one prized possession were the children and neither side was going to give them up without a fight.  The Skitters wanted the children for companionship and to make more of their own kind.  But the survivors would never willingly give up on saving the future of mankind – our children.  More valuable than gold or any other resource in the universe, children became an unwitting bargaining chip or currency for the new world order.  Greedy, fearful and self-centered survivors may have traded the children for goods and a few more days of their pathetic lives; but the rest of the survivors knew only one thing:  you leave no man behind — and never, ever our children.

It was surreal to watch a small group of civilians rally to protect themselves when there was literally no one left to protect them.  It was families protecting families.  It is the end of the world, and that is all that is left: our loved ones.  But that is all we need.  So long as we care for each other and watch over each other, humanity stands a chance.  Perhaps those tall aliens do not understand such a basic need of survival – unconditional love.  For those who are still human at heart, it is the most tenacious and valuable emotion of all.  It inspires humans to do the impossible and to fight against insurmountable odds.  But if we are to survive, we must use that undying love as motivation to fight to the end.

Fortunately, one last discovery tipped the scales on our side:  the nefarious, yet resourceful John Pope found a way to penetrate the impervious outer shell of the Mech’s armor.   It was out of the mouths of babes when young Matt Mason wistfully said he’d like to have some Mech bullets to shoot at them for a change.  It was simple really.  Just melt down the Mech’s body armor and create Mech bullets and viola! Mech bullets that will tear apart any Mech.  Another pivotal weakness had been discovered.

But now that a few key weaknesses had been revealed, the next critical element will be gleaning intel on what that aliens are really up to.  It is not enough to attack guns-a-blazing.  The 2nd Mass survivors need to know who they are really fighting and why.  Are the Skitters their true enemy or are they a potential ally? And can those rescued harness kids really pose a threat from within?  Are they collecting intel on the survivors and sharing it telepathically with the Skitters?  Or are they a possible bridge in reaching out to the Skitters and gaining an unexpected ally in this war for our planet?  It is not enough to be armed and ready to fight back.

But with the 2-hour finale on the countdown clock, there is no going back and we can only sit back and see how the first season showdown plays out.  With the knowledge that it will be a cliffhanger, be ready to scream ‘Nooooooo!’ the minute it ends.  Undoubtedly, it will be at the one point where we are dying to know what comes next.  The good news is that we’ll find out – but not until next summer.

So buckle up, FALLING SKIES surely has a few more surprises and perhaps a dirty secret or two in store.

Video interview with the cast of “Falling Skies” from the press room at Comic-Con 2011:

“Falling Skies” cast interviews at Comic-Con 2011 from Tiffany Vogt on Vimeo.

The 2-hour first season finale of FALLING SKIES airs Sunday, August 7th at 9 p.m. on TNT.  (If you missed any part of the first season, TNT will also air a marathon starting Sunday, August 7th at 1 pm leading up to the 2-hour finale.)

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