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CASTLE Scoop: Frances Fisher Previews Her Fashion Queen Role

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Some television roles seem lovingly crafted for the actors that inhabit them.  Such is the case of the role of Matilda King, the fashion queen of a fictional top magazine, in the upcoming CASTLE episode “Dressed to Kill.”  The episode will reveal a surprising past connection between Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and Matilda King (Frances Fisher). Best of all, it will reveal a future connection as well.  But with Matilda’s assistant turning up dead on the very day that Matilda fired her, all signs are pointing to Matilda for her murder.  Just how ruthless is Matilda in getting exactly what she wants and what will she do when she finds out that someone has betrayed her?

In an exclusive interview, special guest-star Frances Fisher previewed her fun performance as the queen of high fashion in CASTLE.



What can you share about your role as Matilda King and what attracted you to it?
FRANCES:  When my agent said you have an offer from CASTLE, I thought that was fantastic because I love the show.  I love the relationship between the two lead characters.  I think Stana and Nathan are fabulous people.  I just love what they do with their characters — the repartee between them.  So when I read the script, I thought, “This is good. It’s well-written. It’s interesting. It’s a mystery and you have to follow it to the end.” And I liked the idea of being a part of the show.

Do you think your character Matilda is capable of murder?
FRANCES:  I think in the right circumstances anyone would be capable of murder — if only in self-defense.  But I don’t know.  You’ll have to see if Matilda is the kind of person who could be a murderer.  I don’t want to give anything away!

As a fashion editor, it is not hard to imagine that she has a ruthless streak to her.  She’s got to have a strong backbone. Maybe she is capable of murder.  So how would you describe her relationship with the murder victim?
FRANCES:  Other than being her assistant? Well, Mathilda requires complete loyalty and devotion to the job.  If somebody doesn’t do a good job, then they get axed.  Not murdered, axed.  (Laughs)  And the mystery evolves from that.

What would you say is the one quality you most admire about Matilda?
FRANCES:  That’s an interesting question.   There is a glass ceiling and I think any woman who is able to rise to a powerful position should be commended.



In this episode, is Matilda a suspect or a witness?  How does she get involved in the investigation?
FRANCES:  (Laughs) I think everyone is a suspect in this world until they are eliminated.  It’s kind of like “Clue.”  That’s the fun of the episode in a show like CASTLE.  It is to follow them and see how they unravel the mystery and catch the culprit.

What was it like working in scenes with Nathan and Stana?
FRANCES:  All my scenes were with them and I had a great time doing it.  They are fabulous people. I really enjoyed the whole process with them.

The show has a more comedic bent.  How did it feel for you to step into a situation where it is kind of a drama, but at the same time, the way that they film it, it is filmed like a comedy?
FRANCES:  I don’t think they film it like a comedy.  There are comedic aspects.  I think there is a lightness that is in the show that is so beautifully portrayed by all the characters.  But Nathan and Stana really lead the show in that way.  I think that the writing helps that. It’s not just a simple procedural.  There is humor that is written into the scripts and it makes it fun.  I’m just now thinking I could have brought a little more humor to the role.  But I guess they liked what I did, because they didn’t tell me to do it again. (Laughs)



Did you have the opportunity to work with your fellow guest-star Rob Estes in any of the scenes?
FRANCES:  Oh yes, I worked with him in a couple scenes too.  He was great.  In fact, we one very long scene that we had to do with a lot of dialogue and instead of going to lunch, he and I went to the set and worked during lunch and worked out our moves so that it was ready to go.  Because as you can imagine in television there is not a lot of time to rehearse.  In fact, there was a little moment in one of my scenes where I’m opening a box of shoes and I had to talk all during it.  I just saw it and though it was going to be the easiest thing in the world, but I probably rehearsed that by myself about 40 times, just to be able to work with the props and say the line, just so it looked like an everyday occurrence.

How would you describe Rob’s character Julian’s relationship with Matilda?  Are they kind of like allies in this situation?
FRANCES:  Julian works for Matilda and they are allies. But he has a job in front of him that Matilda is not happy about.  It is not up to snuff. She has really high standards and he has not quite met them yet, and they have a long-term professional relationship.

Sounds like you were all having quite a bit of fun.  I have heard that about other guest-stars who have gone on to work on CASTLE and they really enjoy working in that environment.
FRANCES:  It’s great. The tone of the set is wonderful. The crew is just so good and so lovely.  When I wrapped, the props guy came up to me and gave me a single rose from the flowers that were in Matilda’s office.  They were just great.  They are a lovely group of people to work with.  They have been doing it for so long that they are a well-oiled machine at this point.  I’d love to see Mathilda come back.  But who knows!

To see if Matilda is indeed the culprit behind a brutal murder in high fashion and how she may be connected to Beckett’s future, be sure to tune into see this week’s all new episode of CASTLE on Monday, February 3rd at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

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KILLER WOMEN: Executive Producer Hannah Shakespeare Previews The Octane-Fueled New Drama Series

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"Killer Women"

“Killer Women”

Offering a twist on the normal murder-mystery type of TV shows, KILLER WOMEN is described by executive producer Hannah Shakespeare as a why-dunnit, opposed to the typical who-dunnit. She clarified that it is a “psychological examination of why women snap.”  But that is a simple way of describing a television show that offers action that would rival a blockbuster movie.   KILLER WOMEN may showcase women driven to kill, but the thrill of the chase is certainly a big element of the series.

In an exclusive video interview, executive producer Hannah Shakespeare talked about the challenges of casting for such a complex and physically-demanding role, how tricky it is reining in her cast from doing the more dangerous stunts, and what will be Molly’s ultimate challenge as the series introduces a big mystery:

For those who take notice, the cast of KILLER WOMEN are all remarkably tall.  Hannah cast taller actors deliberately as she wanted the characters to have a certain swagger to them.  She wanted them to have a gleam in their eye and a strong sympathetic side.

Tracking criminals is not all about high-speed car chases and slapping on handcuffs, it is about understanding the criminal mind and what motivates a person to kill.  Hannah felt for Molly Parker, the Texas Ranger given the special assignment of tracking female killers, that it was important that Molly exude a natural kindness. Fortunately, Tricia Helfer embodies a sense of profoundness with kindness and that was key for the role.  She also happily noted that Tricia is someone that both male and female viewers empathize with, while still being a believable bad-ass.  Tricia can rock a Stetson and pull a gun and people believe it.

To see what kinds of crazy adventures, Molly Parker gets into as she diligently pursues criminals on the run, be sure to tune in for the eight episodes of KILLER WOMEN airing Tuesday nights, starting January 7th, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

(Editor’s note:  Special thanks goes to ABC Television which made this interview possible with a sponsored trip to the set of KILLER WOMEN.)

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CASTLE Scoop: Teasers on Baby Ryan’s arrival, Guest Stars and More from Seamus & Juliana Dever

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By: Sarah Stephens

It’s a new year and that means the return of all our favorite shows! CASTLE returns tonight at 10pm on ABC. And since new years mean new beginnings, CASTLE is giving us the gift of new life. In tonight’s episode Under Fire, while the gang investigates a serial arsonist turned murderer, Jenny Ryan goes into labor. Break out the cigars because mini-Det. Ryan is going to make an unforgettable entrance to the world.

But will the whole CASTLE crew get to meet the newest Ryan? We got some scoop straight from Seamus Dever (Det. Kevin Ryan) and real-life wife Juliana Dever (Jenny Ryan). And from what we hear, Kevin might not get the chance to welcome his child. Seamus teased “It’s a very exciting episode. The moment that a lot of people have been waiting for: the arrival of Kevin and Jenny’s baby. They’ve given us the great challenge of putting Kevin in some peril. Not only may he not be there to see the baby, he may not be there at all anymore. “ Wait, say what? Det. Ryan not there at all anymore?? Seamus told us “Esposito and Ryan are trapped in a burning building. It’s interesting and I think a nail-biter. I think America is going to be nervous.”

Leave it to CASTLE to bring the baby drama. Kevin’s wife Jenny isn’t about to sit back while her husband is in danger, even if she is in labor. Seamus said “We get to see Jenny showing up at the crime scene, looking for Kevin. She doesn’t want to leave his side, she’s worried. She’s definitely not going to the hospital.” Juliana chimed in, “The core cast is there for the birth.” So will this be like FRIENDS, when the whole gang is there to welcome the baby? Juliana set us straight. “It’s is far too dramatic to be considered light-hearted.”

It looks like baby Ryan isn’t the only special appearance we’re getting this season. We got some teasers on guest stars to be on the watch for, like Castle’s spy daddy James Brolin! Seamus gave us a couple of tidbits. “We see James Brolin come back. That was pretty cool to have him.” Did you know that Seamus Dever and James Brolin have a connection from years before CASTLE? Seamus laughed, “I worked on his show. It was my very first job, on PENSACOLA: WINGS OF GOLD back in 1999. Considering that he remembered me was kinda cool.”

We wanted to make sure to find out what else to look forward to in the second half of this season. Seamus gave us a few hints. “We’re about to come up our two-parter and we usually have a really interesting guest cast for that, because the stakes are high. There’s a fun fashion episode, a Devil Wears Prada-esque episode that’s coming up, where an assistant to someone who is really high up on the food chain in the fashion world gets murdered. There’s also something we haven’t done in a while where a teenager gets murdered. There’s some pretty good guest stars in that one too. There’s also something interesting, always some area or niche that we haven’t dealt with yet that comes up in CASTLE.”

Be sure to catch tonight’s all new episode of CASTLE at 10/9pm on ABC.

Sarah Stephens’s first and longest running TV addiction is with Days of Our Lives, starting at the age of four. Now a grown-up entertainment and pop culture addict, Sarah lives in Los Angeles where she watches too much TV, chases after all things Disney and writes. Follow her on Twitter @SnowWhite22.

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